Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Making a Splash

Well Auckland Anniversary weekend saw us up in Whangamata with Granny and Grandpa swimming in the sea (Xander loved the water!), lying in the sand, fishing off the wharf, taking lots of walks...no wonder Xander has slept right through to 6am everyday!
And to top it off his longest sleep was from 7.15pm to 6am - all that fresh sea air must be good for him. It was so hot that he got numerous baths everyday and this is just one of the photos of him in the bucket! (check out the photos link for more!)
Xander was spoiled for attention from Janey and Julie, Granny and Grandpa and mum got lots of time off to relax, while daddy got jealous from all the smiles he wasn't getting!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Taking Tana's place!

This cute little future All Black Captain (!!) is so cute.
We had a session on baby massage this morning at plunket, so at 10.30 am he was stripped down to his nappy covered in massage oil and giggled and cooed while we were taught how to properly massage our babies! He absolutely loves this - i try do this every morning with him and he especially likes his face to be massaged.
Another baby there absolutely hated it and promptly started screaming it was so funny! Another baby was singing so she was having fun.
Did anyone used to massage their babies when they were little? do you have any tips on making it even more fun?
We surprised dad's work today by turning up in our All Blacks outfit and smiling at everyone - i love showing him off!
So after a busy morning Xander is now sleeping, getting ready for a busy weekend in Whangamata!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Good Boy

Alan and i had our 1st wedding anniversary on sunday and we went out for dinner on the saturday night to celebrate, so poor Xander had to have a babysitter. Hayley came round and we showed her where everything was, told bedtime and feeding time etc etc as new mums tend to go on and on i'm sure... well she said he had a small grizzle when we left but then started playing (nice to know he doesn't miss us if we leave!) and that he was an absolute angel - yey for Xander!
Sunday saw Xander getting a tog suit for the beach next weekend - i'll add a photo when he is in it! - as well as new togs for mum and dad.
Xander rolled over from his tummy to back three times on Sunday - twice to the left, once to the right - he is so strong!
We went to plunket this morning for a free instruction on CPR and choking. It is scary the tactics used to revive a baby or to help with choking i'd rather leave it to the pros but if not then i'll have to do it and hope i don't break any of his bones!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Cheeky Monkey

Well today is the second day in a row while feeding Xander in my bed this morning he filled his nappy but it came out the side all over me and the bed! Yuck! This made Alan late this morning as he cleaned Xander up while i cleaned the bed! Oh well fun and games.
It serves me right for eating curries!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The plunket nurse came today, and she said Xander was adorable! She said he has great head control very vocal and smiles lots - must be keeping my wee man happy! He now weighs 5940gms - 13lb 1.5 oz and his head is 41cms circumference.
She spoke about feeding and said i need to get Xander feeding from both sides with each feed in order to keep my milk in and to extend his times between feeds to 4 hours. He is full after one side so i don't know whats going to happen here!
She gave me a plunket newsletter which has details on classes they hold every month. I have signed up to a baby CPR and first aid class on monday and a baby massage class on thursday - all free and i'm really looking forward to it!
Cheryl from my antenatal class is coming round for coffee today so Xander will get to play with Rory again. Last week they spoke to each other while lying on the floor it was soooo cute!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Comments please!

I really like it when you make comments in the blog, so please continue to do so, even if it's to laugh at something that i'm doing with Xander or to tell me to shut up and stop gushing....

When bathing him tonight he tried to roll himself over so i turned him onto his stomach in the water and he loved it - i have to enrol him in baby swimming lessons, he's going to be a water baby like his parents!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Two Months Old!

I cannot believe that my baby is two months old today. It feels like he was only born yesterday but he is growing and learning so fast! He is all smiles whenever he sees me now and he rolled over from his stomach to his back yesterday, he is so strong! All the books say he shouldn't be able to do this until 4 months. He smiled at himself in the mirror today, it was so cute.
It also feels as though we have had him for a much longer period.

Last night while feeding him it suddenly hit me how much i loved him and it was overwhelming, who would have thought such intense love existed for more than 1 person. It's incredible.
Well now that i have shared my soppyness with everyone, i will just go and watch my baby sleeping!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone, we hope you have started it happy and healthy and finished last year the same.
We did lots of travelling over these holidays, so Xander is an expert traveller - sleeps all the way!
Two weeks in Wellington over Christmas and new years saw us visiting lots of people, eating too much, travelling lots and Xander receiving lots of gifts and attention and growing another 6 cms! He is now a tall 65cms.
Christmas day saw us opening presents with Xander's Nanna and Grandad (Gaskin's) and Uncle Matt - we were all thoroughly spoiled! and then an hour and half drive to Paraparaumu for food and photos with the Goedhart family. Opa was very happy to have a four generations photo with Xander, Alan, Henny and himself, not to mention a complete Goedhart family photo as well!
Nanna's 50th birthday was also a busy one with lots of new faces, and lots of books from Aunty Kay - thanks Kay! and a beautiful crystal giraffe from Aunty Lou!
Xander has discovered that he loves his play gym, present from Santa, and we can't keep him off it! He was spoiled by Nanna and Granny with lots of baths and play time, and lots of doting attention from Grandad and Grandpa and his aunty and uncle. - His parents didn't get much of his attention and were getting pretty jealous - luckily we have him all to ourselves now for the next few weeks.
A seasoned sailor, the rolling waves of Wellington harbour did not faze our wee lad. He slept the entire 2 hours on Grandad's boat while mum got to drive it! Dad caught some yummy fish and Grandad lost the Kingfish - D'oh!
Xander had his first evening without mum and dad on 30th December and was babysat by Dad's family while mum and dad went to the movies. This was the first night he slept the entire night - good boy!
The New Year saw Xander sleeping again the full night on 1 Jan after a busy day at Opa's for a new year BBQ, sleeping in a single bed in Rotorua and unluckily and much to his disgust his immunisation shots today, he cried so much mum nearly cried - thank God daddy was holding him! So tonight he is a bit upset and very fussy which is not surprising.
Take a look at all the photos of Xander and the people he met while we were away.