Thursday, February 23, 2006


Yes yes i know, nothing new has been added in over a week - not even pictures!
Alan was sick with a tummy bug over the weekend and then i got it on monday and tuesday. The batteries for the camera ran out and i kept forgetting to charge them but they have been done now and both Alan and i are healthy - Xander not affected at all!
He was weighed last wednesday and was a healthy 6.68kg at the time - i'm sure it is much more now, after carting him round town today like a sack o' spuds he definately feels heavier!
Xander is talking so much now - not real words, baby gurgles - he talks to the ceiling, his mobile, play gym, me and Alan and it is so cute. He has also started trying to stretch out his arm and grab things in front of him when on his tummy and he has consciously hit one of the toys on his play gym once. Not rolling from back to tummy yet but 3 quarters of the way there! The plunket nurse said to watch out by four months don't leave him on the floor, as i'll come back and he would be across the other side of the room.
I have a little problem getting Xander to sleep for more than 40 minutes each sleep during the day, so by the time 3pm comes along he is so tired he is grizzly but he just screams and screams when i put him down - does anyone have any suggestions that i could try please!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fun in the sun

Hello everyone! Sorry we have not been in touch, Xander and I spent last week relaxing at Lake Taupo, doing fun things like fishing, going on the ski biscuit (not Xander of course!), shopping, taking big walks, swimming, playing with family..... it was really nice. Poor Alan had to come back to Hamilton to work, but joined us for more ski biscuiting on the weekend!
Xander had his first swim in the Lake which he loved - must just be the water baby in him!
The fun stopped suddenly when on Monday Xander was subjected to his second round of immunisations. Not fun at all. I'm sure Xander didn't know what went wrong, one moment he is having fun with Nanna and Grandad and then a stranger is jabbing him with needles - mum almost cried but held it together for her little man!
Xander is back in high spirits today talking away to his mobile and me - he is so cute!
To give me something else to do, i have enrolled at an adult night class at a local school for crafting short stories which i am hoping will be lots of fun!
New photos of Xander's escapades can be found in the photos link!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's been happening....

Well for those of you who don't know Kerrin and Xander have spent the past few days down in Taupo with Nana and Grandad Gaskin. From what I hear they are having a blast, I left them there to come back to normal life in the drudgery of working.

I know that Kerrin has had her hand on the camera the whole time and will have many great phots when she gets back, but you are all going to have to wait until next week before you can see them.