Friday, March 31, 2006

found his feet!

Xander had a very yucky accident in bed on Wednesday so i had to change him and his bedding, after changing him i laid him in the centre of my bed and changed his bed - when i turned around he was holding his feet and examining them!
Despite that little milestone, yesterday was not a good day for Xander, he only slept for 2 hours the entire day and was ropable all day! Luckily he still sleeps all night which is fantastic!
So today is a lazy day where he will hopefully sleep while mummy packs more stuff.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Silly Duffer

Walked into the bedroom last night and found Xander alseep on his side - trying to roll over in his sleep! so when i put him down for the night he was in the wedge but at 2am he woke me up because he couldn't roll onto his back where he wanted to be.
He's had a good day today - saw his first movie Narnia: the lion the witch and the wardrobe. It was fantastic, hopefully will go to Ice Age 2 when that comes out!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Starving my baby

Oh my gosh! I have been starving my baby and he didn't even let me know! At the antenatal catch up the other mothers were saying how their babies were eating 200mls each feed and I know Xander was only having half that amount, then I realised after I had weighed him that he had only put on 300gms in 6 weeks! So since last Wednesday I have been giving him double feeds and I will weigh him this Friday to make sure he is putting on weight - I feel so bad, he is such a great baby that he never told me he was really really hungry. He's drinking these double feeds like there's no tomorrow! poor wee man, he has a terrible mother!
Anyways I tried him on some solids yesterday - pureed carrot parsnip and kumara (in a jar I didn't make it!). He doesn't know what to do with his tongue yet - so I had to use my finger to put it on his tongue - but he kept swallowing it and then opening his mouth for more so I will try again today. Not looking forward to the smelly nappies though and solid feeding is so messy, his face was covered in it!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Wedding Bells

...No we aren't getting married again! Over the weekend our good friends Angela and Jeremy became Mr and Mrs Baker in a beautiful ceremony. Xander was not invited so he had to go to a babysitter, well Merrilyn has been dying for ages to get her hands on him, so off we packed him with about a month's worth of stuff to her place, and again he was an angel!
On Friday we helped Ang do her last minute wedding stuff - picking up flowers, putting together the centre pieces and keeping her company so she didn't panic - Xander had a great time on the floor of the venue while we set up. He learnt a new sound - he now yips like a puppy and squeals! It is just too cute.
Alan got a good nights sleep last night as we started our packing yesterday, all our platters and DVD's and CD's and books are all packed up and ready to go...not really a huge dent but it has made Alan happier!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Antenatal Babies

Bailey, Xander, Kayley, Eden, Lewis, Cullen, Mikayla, Rory
(missing: Jazlyn)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Little Heiferlump!

Today we caught up with the ladies and babies from ante-natal class. They are all doing so well, Xander is the only one to roll over to his tummy and he's not the oldest or youngest! Some are standing and others haven't done either.
Hopefully when we get the photo taken today of all the babies sitting on the couch we can scan it onto the blog. One of the babies started to cry, Xander was sitting next to him so he turned and looked at him with wide eyes as if to say "what are you crying about, shut up already!" it was so funny.
Xander weighed in at 7kg (15lb 4oz) yesterday and is 65cms in length.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Too clever

Whoever invented daylight savings should be shot! Babies don't understand it so i have to get up an hour earlier each day, but not only that it has totally ruined our sleep all night trick! Xander woke up four times during the night and i had to feed him at 3am - talk about tired, i miss my whole night sleep!
It could also have been that Xander now loves nothing more than to roll over on to his tummy immediately after being put on his back and he did this during the night but then discovered that he couldn't remember how to roll back over, so... he had to sleep on a wedge, on his side with a wedge behind and in front to stop him rolling - well he didn't like that which is another reason why he woke up often!
I also think it won't be long until he is eating solids, i have had to give him at least 2 extra feeds during the day.

He is rather cute though, he starts to gurgle when he hears my voice even if he can't see me and he turns his head to look for me! He particularly likes the little label tags on all his toys and delights in close examination of them and his hands.
Xander met up with his Nanna and Grandad over the weekend, gave his Nanna an uncertain smile (cos she sounded like his mum but didn't look like her!) but dropped his bottom lip at Grandad!

Friday, March 17, 2006

What a week....

The weekend in Whangamata was great. Alan was so looking forward to it, poor man working so hard so i can stay home with Xander. We drove all around the coromandle to the Hauraki gulf and then home as i had never been up that way and it is gorgeous.
Monday saw us traipsing yet again around Hamilton in search of a warmer place to live and on Tuesday i signed us into a new place! Our new address from 13 April will be 95c Oakfield Crescent Pukete Hamilton. So i had to organise a moving truck for the large stuff and the piano, give notice for this place and generally more running around. Yey we have found a nice place - Alan hasn't seen it yet but it has 3 bedrooms and a garage and some nice lawn for bbq's in summer.
Wednesday had Xander breaking hearts at Hamilton Girls High School. As part of Plunket they have a Tots and Toddlers course at school and we were asked to participate. Answering questions on meal times, bath times, safety, intergration into the family, discipline etc. Then Xander puked on one of the girls and that was funny! but they thought he was really cute and he had fun so that's all good.
Thursday we had a lazy day but we took lunch out to Alan at work and had a nice time in the sun.
And today....
supposed to be another relaxing one but still much to do, baking for the Plunket fair on sunday, packing up stuff to take the new place in Taupo and generally the usual housework cleaning.
Otherwise are all fit as a fiddle and Xander is just growing and growing....

Friday, March 10, 2006

4 months old

Xander is four months old today and doesn't he look old! still cute and cuddly.
He likes to examine mine and Alan's hands and then his own, still sticks his tongue out for everything and talks heaps!
We are off to Whangamata this weekend as our friends Mary and Paul are visiting from Oz! Yey! and they can dote on Xander.
Went to the hospital on tuesday for the doctor to check Xanders lump - no change, we got photos for the records but they are hoping it will just go away.
Come on people - where are your comments!

Monday, March 06, 2006

coming along nicely

What a weekend!
Friday had Xander giggling and laughing as though there was no tomorrow! and then he rolled over - from his back to his tummy, the photo (see photos) shows him just about there and about 2 seconds after the photo we was all the way over. no stopping him now!
Saturday morning he gave his father's finger a close examination and then compared it to his own, later he was hitting one of the toys on his play gym and then he started poking out his tongue, which i have found out is because Alan has been teaching him this! It is so cute, whatever he is doing his tongue pokes out, like he really enjoys this discovery!
Today he was kicking one of the toys on his play gym while holding the seahorse, multi tasked little boy!
We think he may be left handed as everything he has done so far is with his left hand while his right just sort of lays there, however if the left is held down (only tried this once) he will use the right hand. If left handed it will be a bit strange as both Alan and I are right handed so it could be very confusing when teaching him how to write!
enjoy the new photos - he is getting really big.

I didn't like the house i looked at - the bedrooms are too small, so we are still looking for a warmer place for our wee man.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Clever boy

Today Xander has had two sleeps of more than 40 minutes - one was for 2 hours! - must be catching up on him!
Last night while I was bathing Xander we were in the lounge 'cos it was late and we were watching House on t.v. I heard a splash and our wee man had reached out and touched one of the toys he was looking at - he was on his tummy in the water. He has been reaching for things for about a fortnight now but he actually moved his fingers and touched it! While on his playgym he tries to catch the little fish (see photos), and he smiles whenever I look at him now and then either acts coy, bashful or gurgles and laughs!
He is such a delight.
This past week Xander and I have been flat hunting, as you may know this one we are in is really cold in winter and I don't think that's fair on Xander so we have been looking inside and out all these places. I really liked 1 of them but they wanted someone in it now and we have to give three weeks notice so they said no, but I have seen another one today and we get to look inside tomorrow and decide if we want this one - it has a four car garage! (not that we need it but more space is more space!) if we get this one Alan can start building his boat!
Other than that, I have just been having too much fun playing with Xander to update the blog, sorry.