Thursday, April 27, 2006

Real Nappies

I've done it. Today was our first day trying out real nappies. Luckily Xander hasn't done poos so it hasn't been bad. Poor wee man has a bigger bulge between his legs now but he hasn't complained!
Just wait til he does a yucky one though, then i'll be stopping! We decided to try them to see if it costs less than disposables so we will keep you posted.
Our weekend in Taupo was great even though it rained. Alan got up when Xander woke for his first feed and traipsed down to the lake and did some spinning. Saturday morning he caught a fish but it threw the hook (and took it with it!) when he brought it to shore. Monday morning was much more successful when he landed a 56cm long Trout! It was really yummy and dad was very happy.
Xander's gum split for a tooth to make way, only a tiny siting of it however, but not long now and a little pearly white will appear. No photos of Xander this time, but i have updated with pictures of our house and our weekend.

Friday, April 21, 2006

cleverer and cleverer

Don't mind the very bad England of the title!
Xander is growing up so fast! Poor wee man had his third lot of shots on wednesday, needless to say this was a bad day - i had to hold him down and he looked at me with tears in his eyes to make it stop and i had to do it again for another two!
He has taken to rolling onto his belly or even moving up or to the side of the cot during his sleep and waking up screaming, so had some rough nights the last few - may have to invest in a safe-t-sleep!
Met up with the antenatal ladies yesterday, it was good to see them all, all their babies look like little ladies and men and Xander just looks like his cute baby self! He and one other (there were only five there yesterday) are on solids. He was fascinated with the other babies' feet and stole toys from one other baby (but she stole them back - being able to sit up helped!)
Off to Taupo this weekend - Dad needs a holiday and wants to catch a fish or two.
Maybe Xander will learn to Sit up over the weekend to add to his rolling along the floor trick he learnt this week!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

All settled

What a week! It began with a long trip to Wellington for Uncle Matt's 21st which was a blast, Xander turned 5 months old, driving back to Hamilton and then having a day to finalise a few things, Xander was weighed - 7.55kg (550gms gain in two weeks!), pick up keys to new place and start the shift! Thanks to Grandpa and Granny and Aunty Angie we were shifted and mostly set up by 5pm Thursday night. Xander has his own room and the new place is nice and warm and cosy.
Easter Sunday brought us our first visitors - Ang and Jay to make it feel like a real home that we can entertain in! Alan is right now outside building a desk for the computer as the one we have is far to big for this cosy little place.
Make sure you check out the photos More have been added to previous albums and new ones too! Hope you like the new look of the site!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On the move

We are shifting at the moment which is why there is no new posting or photos.
Will update you as soon as we are up and running again!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Yey! I'm graduating on May 18th at 1.30pm - i can finally have something to show for all that money i paid for the fun (and some not-so-fun) courses i took!
I'm graduating with a Bachelor or Arts in English Literature - i just loved all that reading!
Xander is coming with me down to Wellington where i will be parading and then 'capped', i have to wear a pink hood but that's okay at least it has all finally finished.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Found his voice

Hey all, over the weekend Xander was very busy! his daddy fed him solids and had his mouth wide open for more when daddy went too slow!
We went shopping and he got wet when we opened the car door as it was raining - his expression was classic. In whitcoulls he was gurgling and squealing in delight and a customer came up to us and congratulated us on such a happy baby!
He still can't remember how to roll back onto his back once he's on his belly but we had a full nights sleep last night.