Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two out of three ain't bad

Well what a weekend we had! Fun fun in Taupo with Nanna and Grandad. Alan and Grandad didn't get anything in the fishing competition except some quality fishing time and losing lots of lures! Grandad did catch a wiggly little boy though and showed us at the prize giving of the competition, hehehe.

Xander had a marvelous time with Nanna giving him her full and undivided attention.

he got to bang pots, investigate under mats and behind curtains, reading books, lots of tickles and kisses, lots of crawling and walking, raspberries,

and he got to try out his new Ford truck - at first he was wary and a bit scared when he sat on it and it moved, but then after watching the neighbour's son on it he was happier to sit and have a ride! He loved pushing all the buttons and discovering all its noises. He was introduced to a dog - well two actually, a little one and a large one - which he has never seen before in his life. Xander was very excited to see them and tried to leap out of my arms to get to them, but when they came near he gripped me so hard, but had a huge smile on his face and at one stage even giggled.

Xander's sleep - and therefore our sleep too! - is much better than previous, with two out of every three nights sleeping all night! Hurrah! Which ultimately means more fun and games during the day with a happier mum and baby. We can put him to bed without him making a noise now which is fantastic; except it makes me a bit frantic and i keep checking that he is actually still breathing, it's so strange.

Bath time is giggles and immediate splashing so i am going to find out about swimming classes, he just loves the water too much. I might also enquire about gymnastics to help him with co-ordination and tumbling which i think is essential for every child to know.

Nanna has been staying with us since the weekend, and Xander is beside himself with smiles for the amount of attention he is getting from two people during the day. Today we went to Tirau as both Nanna and i have always wanted to have a look round the shops. Some very charming shops there. We went to the Castle and saw the toy collection, which wasn't worth the $8 entry fee. It was worth seeing Xander smile and giggle with delight when we found the train and it disappeared and appeared again through the numerous tunnels. I can't wait for him to see Grandad's train set, he will love it!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two New Teeth

Woke up this morning and what did i find? Xander has two new teeth at the top! Couldn't get a clear picture so when they are further through i will be able to take one!
Yey for Xander - the four tooth wonder!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Little Man, Big Personality

We almost have two more teeth! Xander's top teeth are pushed right forward and i am waiting any day now for the little pearlers to show themselves, they have been hurting our poor wee man and i can't wait for them to come through to ease his pain! Despite this he plays and giggles and just chills out all day long.

We are mostly getting all night sleeps now which is great, just need to cut down on fluids at night cos he is soaked by 3.30am! When he is ready to get out of the cot, he stands up and rattles the side bars!

Xander enjoys playing hide and seek, i hide and he seeks, he giggles the whole time! He loves it when i chase him on my hands and knees down the hallway.

  • can open doors - have to watch his fingers now
  • stands up and rattles the side of cot when he wants out
  • talks all the time
  • shares his food

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Destruction, Mayhem and Noise

Xander is at the 'I Want' stage and if he doesn't get it, look out!
As the children's property law says:

1) If I like it, it's mine
2) If I can take it from you, it's mine
3) If I had it a while ago, it's mine
4) If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way
5) If it looks like mine, it's mine
6) If it's yours and I steal it, it's mine
7) If I think it's mine, it's mine
8) If it's broken, it's yours,

and it is so true. He gets up at the couch and reaches until he can grab whatever i haven't moved out of his way - he likes things with straps (like my handbag) and the controls and telephone. And we cannot get it through to him that he is NOT allowed to play under the computer desk, he goes straight back, and if we move him again, on come the tears and thrashing - makings of trantrums do you think?? Don't worry, i won't be putting up with it!

As you can see, where ever Xander goes he leaves a whirlwind of destruction and mayhem behind in, usually in the form of pegs and toys. He loves nothing more than picking up the peg container and dumping them all on the floor!

Our next toy will have to be a set of drums. For months Xander has been banging his hands on the floor, tables anything he can reach, and he likes banging his toys together too. So out came the pots and a wooden spoon, and man did he go to town! It's lucky i don't mind the noise.

Oh, and another thing, he seems to delight in nothing else than peeing on the carpet as soon as his nappy is off. He takes off giggling and then sits down and when i get him, there is a wet patch - i think he is peeing in excitement because i am chasing him! It's so gross.

Monday, August 14, 2006

What happened to Mum and Dad?

Mum and Dad got all dressed up and pretty on Saturday night and then left and i got to play with Ang! I was so good, mummy told me so in the morning.
But what happened to Mum? Her hair was so straight and long, she has been telling me it is the best it has looked in her whole life - which must be like a hundred years cos she's so old!
And where did Dad go? He went up to the bedroom and out came a Snowman! It was so cool. Mummy tells me that she and daddy made it for dinner on Saturday. Some work awards dinner for Daddy, and daddy won best costume!

I slept all night last night, it was great, i got so many kisses when i woke up, i am going to try and do it again. But i was still very tired today, must still be catching up on all the nights i kept waking up!
Only two weeks until Nanna comes and then i can show her how good i sleep at night!

  • pull buzzy bee along with the string
  • rediscovered can wave my hands
  • slept all night!
  • tilt my cup when i realise no water is coming through and then i get a mouthful.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

9 Months old!

Our little monkey is up and going, very quick and in to everything.
weight: 9.25kg - just above average
height: 70.5cm - just below average - may not be tall like his dad!

The plunket nurse said he is very quick being only 9 months old and standing already. Yey for Xander.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fully weaned

Xander no longer has breast milk, and Mummy is no longer a milk factory. I am so happy that i can go back to wearing pretty bras!

The Parent's Centre told me they thought i have slight post-natal depression, which is a crock because i am just tired, i's sure all mothers who were tired in the first few months found themselves crying occasionally for no reason, or feeling a little overwhelmed!

Seeing as the sleep plan wasn't working, we got 3 books on sleep out from the library and they have been really great. This morning at 3.30am Xander woke up and wouldn't settle after i had done the checking at 5, 10, 15 minute intervals so - this was the hardest thing i have done in my life! - i just lay in bed and listened to him cry until he finally stopped and went back to sleep. I felt so bad and so guilty but he went to sleep which was great. Of course after 10 minutes of no noise i went in and put a blanket on him, he was on his belly but i wasn't going to roll him over and risk waking him! So Alan and i just have to be tough and let Xander cry himself to sleep, as it seems as though he has picked up on the 5, 10, 15 minute interval check-ins. We are also going to try the safe-t-sleep again, he may have forgotten how to get out of it, or at least how to sit up in it.

Our little man likes nothing more than to stand anywhere! Here he is on his change table. I go to sit him on the floor and he arches his back and puts his feet firmly on the ground.

  • no longer breast fed
  • walks assisted
  • fell asleep while left crying
We still have good and bad days, but i am hoping there will soon be more good than bad.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sleep? What is Sleep?

You are probably aware of the reason for no more updates lately, still no sleep! Since starting the plan for Xander's sleep habits to change it has gotten worse. Last night i was up 7 times!

  • discovered his tongue and is making 'L' sounds
  • picks up his ball using both hands and rolls it towards himself so he can do so
Nothing much has happened. Hopefully his sleep will change soon, i am still sticking to the plan and am seeing the Parents Centre on Tuesday for a follow up. Hopefully won't have to be refered to Mothercraft at the hospital!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First Steps

He's not walking but with the help of his new toy this morning Xander stepped to the side! It was quite funny really it looked like he was trying to climb onto the table as he lifted his knee really high and then placed it to the side. After congratulating him he gave me a huge smile, he is so proud of himself!

Today is the first day of training Xander back to good sleep patterns (fingers crossed it works!). Last night he woke twice and went straight back to sleep when i retucked him - no talking! He was in bed by 6.30pm as he was shitty and wouldn't eat his dinner and we had had enough. He is having his first sleep already, it started at 9am and he is still asleep! It's a bit early for this sleep according to my plan but if hes tired i will let him sleep! I am down to only 1 breastfeed a day and currently that's at 5.30am which interferes with his morning bottle at breakfast, he only has 100ml and he is supposed to have 200ml. So this week will be the last week for breastfeeding : ( It will be nice to not be a milk machine anymore but it's sad too.

  • furniture walking
  • pulling self up to stand
  • standing for a long time
  • saying "MUM" in a string when he is upset
* new album for photos plus some new ones added to July 06!