Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wow, what a week

It was so much fun having daddy home for three whole days over the weekend. We went to the park, and Xander went down the slide with his daddy and he got pushed on the swings. Daddy was very energetic with him while i was delivering Avon books and pretended to let the pram roll away and would then suddenly catch it! Xander loved it.
We had a good day on Sunday. Alan cleared the garden and made it ready for summer veges and then got the weed whacker out. Poor Xander didn't know what to do with himself, he was terrified of the noise it made and wouldn't let me go until he was asleep on my chest lying on the couch.
When he woke up we put together an impromptu picnic and went to the lake because it was a beautiful day. The wind was a bit cold though and on Monday Xander had the sniffles and a temperature that go up to 37.9. A bit of pamol and he was fine, with 30 minute naps every 2 hours. He just has a runny nose now, so is well on the mend.

He's tearing around the house with his trolley, and he's even figured out how to roll his little ball so he can chase it, it is just too cute. He has also started spontaneously laughing, it is hilarious and he just keeps getting cuter and cuter.
Hopefully he carries on while we are in Taupo at the weekend, so his grandparents can coo all over him.
An old formula container has turned into Xander's drum, and he loves it, he alternates from his drum to the xylophone and grins and waves his arms! He is so proud of himself...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

So far so good

yummy lunch!

Well, today is the end of Alan's working week and so far Xander and I have fared well together during the evening. Apart from last night - which was crying and carrying on until 8pm! - Xander went to bed at every sleep without any protest! Dare i dream that i have picked up his sleep signals at the right time? Or rather Xander now understands that sleep time is just that?!

night-time nuddy!

Yesterday we had a catch up with the other babies and mums, and Eden - the baby that was hosting the catch up - made Xander cry by pulling his hair. Poor wee man didn't know what to do with her rather aggressive play tactics, little wuss just cried and tried to get away! He soon got used to it and in no time at all was climbing all over her!
I'm sure the other mums thought that i didn't feed Xander, as he ate the entire time we were there! I gave him his afternoon snack of cracker and raisins and then before i knew it he had tucked into the adult afternoon tea of yummy savoury muffins and fish cakes! Oh well, i now have the recipe for the fish cakes seeing as he liked them so much, so i will make them myself.

taking Sneezy for a ride

I'm so excited about Xander turning 1 - sad too because he won't be a baby anymore; maybe i can convince Alan to try for another one!
I have checked the price for the Quantum Lodge motor inn and the cheapest room is $135. If this is a bit pricy, we understand and there are many other motels to choose from a bit further away from us. We are buying some paper tomorrow and you will receive your invitations next week!

Monday, September 18, 2006

And off he goes...

All fun and excitement in our house now. Xander grabs hold and walks to his hearts content!
We traipsed all around town to find just the right walker assist thingy and this is what we found - well it's what i was thinking of anyways.

Such excitement ended with a bath with Daddy - though there wasn't that much room for the two of them in the bath, but both had fun, especially with the new floating tug boats!

Fun, fun, fun this morning as Daddygot to play with Xander. Alan doesn't start work until 10.30am now, but he finishes at 9pm so won't get to see Xander until the morning. He is doing 4 day weeks - 10 hour days, so we get long weekends and he gets to spend more quality time with Xander.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good Times

Lovely day, sun shine, sunhats - that were discarded as soon as placed on his head! - sunscreen and...the garden.
Such a lovely day, i couldn't resist letting Xander ferret through the grass and ultimately the weeds! Of course i was weeding when he joined me in the dirt - i know i hate gardening but it really needed to be done! He sat with me and picked out some weeds, but i think he ate more than he discarded!
Oh, and the dirt! He was filthy and got a bath afterwards much to his delight.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chasing rainbows...

Oh what fun mum and i are having today! Mummy is pretending to be a pussy cat and purring and rubbing all over me and i am trying to lick her but she is too quick! She chased me up the hall way and when she caught me we had tickles and giggles all over the place, it is so fun. I am wearing a new outfit today that mummy says is from Granny and Grandpa - i feel very stylish, thank you!

There are pretty rainbows on the floor today, but every time i try to touch it or even bite it, it disappears! But they are so pretty.

Yesterday mummy took me to the park and i had a swing! Oh my gosh it was so fun, i was flying through the air and couldn't stop giggling and smiling. Mummy was smiling too so she must have had fun trying to catch my toes. I can't wait for the weekend and then maybe Daddy can come too, i bet he will have fun.

There was a pretty baby in the mirror yesterday, and i kissed it - sshh don't tell mum, she didn't know where i was! I was hiding in the linen cupboard and then found the baby in the room Nanna slept in... i wonder where she went?

Monday, September 11, 2006

10 months old, terrified and standing

Yesterday we sang Happy 10 month old Birthday to our little man! Hasn't the time flown! Xander weighs 9.7kg and is 75cms tall. Huge jump from last month - 9.25kg and 70.5cms.

On Friday morning i sprayed a blowfly that was hanging round and Xander suddenly started screaming. I don't know if the blowfly - which was huge! - hit him in its death throws or it just flew really close to him, but he was terrified and he wouldn't let go of me for about 20 minutes. Everytime he heard the buzzing he would start up again - poor baby!

This morning we had a visitor to the front door. One of the neighbouring cats. Xander took one look and was plastered to the window! We opened the door and had a pat and then shut the door because the cat kept coming inside. When it left Xander was still at the door looking for it and he was grizzling as he couldn't see it any more. But his smiles and giggles at just spying a cat are so gorgeous!
Over the weekend, Xander delighted in showing us again and again - but only got 1 really bad photo! sorry - how clever he is standing with no assistance. He is just fabulous!

Only 2 months until his birthday! Hope everyone is going to come for his party, it will be on the Saturday 11 November at our place and invitations will be sent out in about a month. If you want to come up for the Friday, his actual birthday, we might be taking him to the zoo but we haven't really planned anything as yet. There is a hotel just round the corner called Quantum Lodge, so if you need some lodging make sure you book in advance as we would love you to come and share his special day!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Orange Peel and Flowers

What a lovely picnic we had today with our friend Ang. The sun was shining, birds singing, classic cliche good day.
Sandwiches were followed by homemade apple pie and muffins and yummy juicy oranges. Xander ate the orange peel instead of the orange, and then spied little purple flowers in the grass that he decided looked yummy! What a silly baby!


Well what fun we had yesterday! Xander was so tired we came home and he was in bed immediately and slept from 11.30am to 2pm! So we had a bit of a late lunch but if he wants to sleep i'm not going to stop him! and it meant i had heaps of time to make some yummy muffins for our lunch date with Ang today!

It was so sunny yesterday afternoon i put Xander on the grass while i brought the washing in, he was a bit unsure but so cute!

Xander is so impatient to get up and have a shower with his dad ion the morning that he protests loudly until he is under the spray - it is so cute! He is eating more and more at breakfast now so i will be cutting down on his milk. Breakfast is over and he is already playing - he loves to open the hatch!

Does anyone know how to stop a baby from grinding his new baby teeth together??

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mainly Music

Mummy took me to a fun place today - it was so fun we came home and i went straight to bed cos i was tired!
We went to Mainly Music at a local church, sang lots of songs, danced, shook rice filled bottles and even played with a parachute. Then we got yummy sandwiches afterwards and i got my head patted by a girl who was about 3, she really liked me.
I am now balancing on my own two legs; only for about 3 seconds but it is really fun!
And i am just loving turning pages, i even steal mummy's book and turn the pages - but i have to be careful cos i ripped a page yesterday and mummy said it is a library book - Opps! but mummy wasn't angry.

Monday, September 04, 2006

my two new teeth

Here are his teeth! they are big ones, but we are glad they have finally come through.

Xander is now confidently furniture walking, and Alan swears he saw Xander balance without holding onto to anything - he is just coming on so quickly! I won't be surprised if he is walking before his 1st birthday - only 2 months to go; i can't believe it! - God help us then, no stopping him. Talking about standing, Xander loves nothing more than having his bottle standing up - Alan has suggested we get a calf feeder!

Shower, shower, shower - Xander loves the shower, at least 4 times a day i find him in the bathroom standing at the bath looking at the floor - don't what he finds so exciting! He has a shower with his Daddy every morning, and as soon as he is under the spray it's all smiles and trying to drink as much of the spray as possible. When it's time to get out, we get whimpers of protest, poor baby. Luckily he is now booked in for swimming lessons - how fun!

Xander had his last meningitis jab when Nanna was here - i think she cried more than i did! - it was really good because he only whimpered when the nurse started putting the liquid in, just went still when the needle went in. Poor baby, i still felt bad holding him down.

  • opens and closes doors and cupboards
  • discovered the toilet lid and bathroom rubbish bin
  • waves hello and goodbye when prompted - he copies us
  • furniture walking

Friday, September 01, 2006

Goodbye Nanna...

Nanna went home this morning, and the house already feels empty.
As soon as we got home from the airport, Xander raced up to the spare room to find Nanna, but she was all gone! He had a little grizzle and then a giggle when i tickled him.
He watched my hang out the washing just like he did with Nanna. He is sure going to miss her!