Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Getting there

Xander wakes up talking and pointing to whatever we wants or is talking about it is just so cute, and he is talking so much - not actually saying any words but you get the idea!
Yesterday his 6th tooth popped through, i don't think this is the end of it because i see his bottom gums are a bit swollen.

We have to watch where we put hard objects now because if they are close to anything he will use them to climb up! He climbed into his trolley yesterday.
Swimming was great today, he cried when we got in the water and it took about 10 minutes for him to calm down and sort of enjoy it. He was dunked again and went down the slide and was half smiling at the end.

I tied the buzzy bee to xander pants yesterday and he was most confused that it was following him around when he was pushing his trolley, he loved it though.
Only 10 days til his birthday (not counting today!)!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Present ideas

Xander misses his Daddy during the week if his actions on Friday was any indication. He wanted Alan to feed him, play with him, hold him and everything else and was upset with just Mum in the room if Alan left it!
Alan's birthday yesterday - big 26! - he got bacon and eggs for breakfast, a book on backyard projects because he likes to build things, (just not finish them so hopefully this will help!) and then we had a bbq dinner and our friends Ang and Jeremy came round. It was nice.

Over the last few days we have noticed that Xander is pointing at things that he wants, so now is the time for us to help him mimics the sounds of the names of things - should be interesting we usually just get a grunt in reply! He is also trying to feed himself although he hasn't figured out that just dipping the spoon in his food isn't going to get him anywhere, he has to scoop!

I received the KiwiToddler book in the post yesterday which gives me ideas on things to entertain Xander with while educating the instilling fitness in his life that's fun. Some of the things to do are reading picture books with zoo animals and farm animals and transport vehicles etc and making the noises for him to copy; getting him to chase a ball, or roll it along the floor; pull-along toys, stacking toys like blocks and shape sorters, drawing, so crayons, scrap books to keep his pictures in, a painting apron - one that covers his arms as well as his clothes!; lots of water toys; music etc. So it looks like Xander and his mum and dad are going to have lots of fun! The activities above are things we don't have for him so if you are stuck for present ideas - even though it will be enough to have you at his party! - those would be ideal!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

His poor Head

Poor Xander. We went to the movies this morning, and as usual he didn't want to sit still he was off exploring in the dark. Suddenly i heard a loud bang - like that of a head hitting a hard concrete carpet covered floor. I look over and it seems Xander had a clash with a wee girl - she pushed his over by accident. It must have hurt something terrible because he had that 30 second silent scream and then everyone heard about it. He has a nice little bump to show for it but other than that no worse for wear. I hope all these falls on his head isn't damaging any of his development - i wonder if it did happen if mothers would wrap their poor children in cotton wool all their lives!
He hated swimming on Tuesday too. It was rather cold and i noticed he was shivering really quickly so i hope that was all it was, he had such a wonderful time the first lesson!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weekend in Taupo

We surprised Nanna by being in Taupo on Friday night when she was expecting us on Sunday morning!

We went a different way to Taupo this time, there were lots of gravel roads and we went to a dam, i got to have some icecream and it was a very hot ride.

In Taupo i got to play lots with Nanna, and met Uncle Matt again, it was nice to see him. I pulled Grandad's moustache at the rugby, it was really prickly.

Daddy and Grandad were busy building outside and hopefully next year i will be big enough to help!

Daddy will have to get me my own tool belt.

On Monday everyone had McDonald's for lunch even me! I got a happy meal with chicken nuggets, a fruit bag and water, it was very yummy!

This morning Mummy wasn't watching me and i took a step! Well i don't think she was watching but she got a video of it anyway, maybe she tricked me and was really watching.
Hopefully i can show everyone how clever i am on my birthday!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Clever Boy

Xander taught himself how to do the Indian warcry on Wednesday, you know where you make the oh sound and bang your mouth with an open palm? He is so cute when he does it and thinks he is so clever especially when we do it with him! (sorry no photo of that yet!)

We went to Alan's work last night and had dinner with him. Xander laughed and giggled at his reflection in the aluminium table and had a great time. He was all grizzly at bed time and didn't fall asleep until two hours after he was in bed.

This morning he woke giggling which was wonderful to hear, and then he decided to help me sort the clothes for washing. So helpful!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Water Baby

Well today was Xander's first swimming lesson, and he did really well, no tears and lots of smiles and just a tiny moment when he was unsure; that was when he was dunked under the water.

One of the father's took the photos which was nice.
Xander was so eager to get into the water i had to chase him lots before the lesson started.

We sang nursery rhymes - the wheels on the bus and taught him how to kick his legs and swim his arms; we had an obstacle course where he climbed out of the pool and then walked along a floaty and jumped in the water to me, then walked along a board under the water, under a hoop and then monkeying along the wall.

Basketball was fun, we swam to the ball and then kicked it to the hoop and dunked it in - or though Xander didn't want to let go of the ball!

He was so knackered afterwards he fell asleep immediately in the car.

Monday, October 16, 2006


What a weekend. Daddy showed Xander how to make an omelet. Xander's firth tooth has made an appearance but number six seems to still be struggling. Hopefully his eating will get back on track.

We went present buying for upcoming birthday parties for babies from our antenatal class.
Xander went to bed at 6pm two nights in a row after being very grumpy and tired - luckily he still slept until 6.30am the next morning! A visit was paid to Kayley and her parents to see how they are coping with day care and being at work again. Glad it isn't me, poor Kayley was sick half the week and her mum had to take time off work having just returned! Oh well.
Alan and I watched Sin City, very weird but still good movie from the video store.

Sunday saw us trudging the neighbourhood knocking on doors to pick up Avon books - and got a few orders! - then Xander and i went to a lingerie party while dad played golf. Xander loved leafing through the lingerie catalogue. There was a five month old girl there and i held her while her mum tried on lingerie and Xander got very jealous. He started trying to climb up my leg, and was grizzling and clawing my arm. Poor wee thing thought i was going to take her home with us. It was very strange because he never gets upset when i pay attention to the babies from antenatal. Must be because he knows them and he wasn't sure about this new baby. Wonder how he'll react when we bring a brother or sister home?


Nah, just very tired!

Friday, October 13, 2006

what to do??

Every night this past week has been a fight between me and Xander with dinner. He won't open his mouth for any food at night time and only has half his bottle. He physically takes the spoon from me and throws it on the floor crying.
He isn't eating very much and i think it may have something to do with his teething, but surely he is hungry?
Does anyone have any ideas on how i can get him to eat?

Rub a Dub

Last night we had a fun time in the bath, playing with the toys, sucking the flannel, and splashing all the water over the floor. We had a big day. Went to Rory's and had a play with his toys and then got home and had lots of fun watching my DVD world of colours and playing chase with mum and kicking the ball.
Today is Friday and we love Fridays as it is the day we get to spend with Daddy!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

11 Months Old

This cheeky chops is 11 months old today! - (doesn't he look like his Mummy!?!)
He is still getting over being sick and teething at the same time, not fun for mum or the little man.
He has a tooth almost through in the top right gum. This must be painful as he is not eating very much - not even his yummy pumpkin! - and has even gone off his milk, only drinking 3/4 of it during the day.

No swimming today because he was sick so hopefully we can find a catchup session.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Nearly there

Xander is getting very smart. When you pull his pants down to his ankles he lifts his own legs out! And the past two days he has taken 1 step without holding onto anything and then realised and sat down. We are just so proud.

He has also figured out how to get his raisins out of the container so now i don't have to litter them on his toys for him to find!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sick Baby

Poor Xander woke up on Thursday night just as Daddy came home to his cot full of puke! WE'd just gotten him all cleaned up and changed and he puked again, and again. Luckily we hadn't put him back to bed yet, so that was nice and clean after Daddy scrubbed the cot and changed the sheets and cleaned the floor.
We had a nice day on Friday walking around the Home Show. We got home and Xander woke from his afternoon sleep to a cot full of puke again. This time he got a bath and as his sheets weren't dry from yesterday he got his summer sheets on the bed.
A good nights sleep followed and he even let us sleep in this morning by going to sleep on my chest for an hour this morning.
A very tired baby, hopefully he will sleep lots today and be all better.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have just talked to the hospital to find out when Xander's operation for his lump will be and he isn't even listed anywhere as needing one!
Lucky i called because the booking person is now going to talk to the surgeon to find out what is going on! All i had wanted to know was how close to his party the operation would be because i didn't want him to be all yucky if it was just before, but not even listed, how slack!

On a better note, our little man is starting his swimming lessons on Tuesday - how exciting!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend in Taupo

Another nice time in Taupo. Alan worked very hard helping Dad and Glenn with the path, all three are very sore - it's all that time they spend behind desks during the week!
It was great to catch up with mum and chatting with Cherie. Mum made a really yummy apricot slice, and we ate too much chocolate; as always.
We bought Xander a portable highchair/booster seat, as he is a wiggle bum and won't sit still when we feed him on our knee or on the floor.
Xander was very spoilt with all the attention he got, not to mention a whole wardrobe of much needed summer clothes from nanna! Thanks mum!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

what's going on??

Well, i was bundled up into the car with all my toys and clothes and then we drove for hours and hours! When i woke up we were about to go to the supermarket, so naturally i was like, "oh yum, food!" but i didn't get food, it all went into the trolley. Then we arrived at a new place (Taupo) - but it was familiar only this time i was able to crawl in and out the front door and climb up and down the stairs to the grass!
I watched Daddy outside getting dirty and i wanted to go too, but mummy was mean and wouldn't let me! then she put me in the car again.

This time when we got home, i finally got some food, but i was seated in this strange new chair, but i didn't care as long as food followed!
Nanna and Grandad arrived when i was sleeping and i woke up so i got to meet them again, poor mummy was very angry with me because i didn't go back to sleep until very late! (midnight)

I got to play lots with Nanna and she chased me around the house, it was so much fun, better still because i ran away from mum before she could put my nappy on - freedom!
After my bath, where i had figured out how to turn myself around in circles (it's a round tub), i peed on the carpet and Nanna laughed. Well i didn't want to dirty my bath water did i so i waited until i was out.
I had lots of fun playing with Cherie and reading her magazine with her, she even let me turn the pages!

I showed Nanna and Grandad how i push my trolley and chase my ball, and i had a new toy from Granny which i crawl through - silly mummy crawled through too, but i told her off!
I didn't like the long drive back home today, i wanted to play with Cherie and Nanna and Grandad! I can't wait until everyone is here for my birthday, we are going to have so much fun!