Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kick and Blow

Today was Xander's last swimming lesson and Daddy was there with him, as i was ill.

It would be the final lesson that Xander suddenly kicks his legs and blows bubbles! Must be those magic hands of Daddy!

So, Xander has successfully graduated from the Dolphins swim school. Who knows what he will be into next year??

Monday, November 27, 2006

Baby of Steel!

I'm superman! thanks Hayley and Boston for giving the outfit to me for my birthday!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Wow, i'm a big boy now!

I'm not a baby anymore.
I can really walk now. I was just getting the feel of it for about two weeks and over the weekend i really walked! all the way down the hallway, it is so fun.
I can clap my hands now too.

And i just love feeding myself breakfast - it is so fun getting all messy!

Daddy was really great playing with me over the weekend, we watched t.v together and he pushed me in my trolley and then was silly trying to pretend i was a drunk - but Mummy told him off.
I had a really big sleep today 2.5 hours! it's all the fun i had with Dad over the weekend.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fun with Dad

Last night Alan was rolling some balls around in the basket and Xander was giggling and clapping - which can do now too! - and he thought it was great!

Daddy and Mum sang and danced the chicken dance with Xander this morning and he couldn't stop grinning.
He loved sitting on his Daddy's knee watching the love to sing dvd he got for his birthday.

He is so clever he can now hold his own bottle - which is about time really! and he is just so fascinated with the vaccuum cleaner!

Stylish Xander

Safari adventure

army baby pj's

buzzy bee

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Party Time!!

Wow, what a great party! Everyone turned up and Xander was very overwhelmed and didn't know what was going on. He was thoroughly spoilt - which he deserves!
He got some really cute clothes including a superman outfit, buzzy bee suit, overalls, a really cute shirt to name a few. He got two train construction sets, a ride on Ford truck, a desk and chair, puzzles, shape hammer turtle, a changing colour light, picture holder, love to sing dvd, little Cat truck.... man he got lots!

He loved his birthday cake which his Daddy made and Mummy helped ice - an Xylophone! he just loved shoving it in his mouth. He was so grown up cutting his cake and loved the Happy Birthday song.

Xander had lots of fun with Michaela and Eden, especially pushing his trolley with Eden, so cute!
He slept very well that night after having on 30 minutes sleep before his party and 1 hour 40 minutes after everyone had left.
Thank you everyone for the wonderful presents and for celebrating our baby's first birthday with us!
All the photos are in the birthday folder, so make sure you check them out!

It was good to see Opa, even if he did end up in the hospital, but he is very lucky that we have been seeing him every day!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Birthday Boy

Surprises were in store for our little man when he woke up this morning. He was given a parcel to rip open and found Hairy Maclary on DVD and a book from mum, and in the lounge a hand made Rocking Horse from Daddy! Giddy-up!

After yummy cake smells in the kitchen we had Opa, Aunty Angie and Grandpa arrive and with them came another present.....

He's now offically a rock star!

Tomorrow will be another day filled with presents and lots of guests and lots of food.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where has the year gone?

I still cannot believe that our baby is going to be One tomorrow. He has come so far and is doing so well but i feel both like i've had him for years and also only for a few months.
Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day..... groceries, cake, decorations.... but very fun and exciting planning our baby's First Birthday!

Rain rain go away tomorrow is my birthday!

Wow, I'm going to be ONE! And i'm walking! I am just so clever and very pleased with myself.
I do hope my cold gets much better though, i don't like have a runny nose and the coughing fits in the morning are yucky! Luckily we saw a doctor today and we have some yummy medicine to make it go away!

Oh i am so looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, it is going to be so much fun, especially if we have lots more balloons!

and presents - i got a present from my great nana and it was fun ripping the paper.
But tomorrow is special. It will be just Mum, Dad and me on my birthday! I wonder what we will get up to....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bring on the sunshine

I have been glued to the news this week hoping that it is going to be good weather on Saturday.
Yesterday Xander and I read lots of stories and even make chains out of the pegs - loads of fun.

When he finally crashed for the night it was as usual up the other end of the bed ontop of the blankets. Silly Baby!

Friday, November 03, 2006

the wheels on the bus...

We went to town on the bus today. Our car was put in for repairs and but we had a date with Merrilyn for lunch so off to the bus stop Xander and I trotted. It was great, all the little ol' ladies loved him and he - being the cheeky monkey he is - lapped it up!
It was a wonderfully hot day and i got lots of much needed washing done.
Poor Xander has a blocked and runny nose and a horrible cough! I hope this goes away long before his birthday...

Yesterday it was another blissfully hot one and we were in the garden. Xander loved digging in the dirt with a sticks and occasionally tasting the weeds i was tossing out of the garden. He looked so cute in his hat.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oi! You!

Little monkey won't eat dinner, no matter what time, no matter where, if it isn't out of a jar or can he will not eat it for dinner. So following the parenting books and websites, i didn't make a fuss just took it away and set him back among his toys. (Still mortifyingly terrified that he will starve!) Apparently if i give him something else this will cause fussiness and food wars! So there we were playing with his green tunnel snake and suddenly he goes quiet. I peek inside and he has found a container that had his snack food in it and was happily munching away! (sigh)

He loves his bath, no matter how tired (or dare is say hungry?) he plays and giggles and tosses his toys out - still full of water! - and lately pointing at everything in the room until i tell him what it is - which i can only guess sometimes!

A bath to remember...

We went to Eden's house today. I am very tired today so it was very annoying when she would hit me on the head and steal her toys away from me.
We went on a nice big walk, and i met a Doggie! It is the first time i have seen a doggie so close. It tried to get into my stroller but mum was quicker! It gave me big kisses on my whole face. Mum said they were kisses but they felt more like a bath!
Doggies are fun. Daddy can i have a Doggie??

Bad Idea

Last night Xander was dressed in shorty pj's. This was because all his other pj's are dirty and the bad weather - or rather the lack of sun! - has prevented drying; i'd forgotten we had a dryer!! I did put a cardigan on him and socks.
When Alan got home he suggested we put trousers on him also and change his nappy.


Xander giggled when we took his nappy off and then must have woken up because he was suddenly crying hysterically. This went on until 11pm when we brought him in bed with us and the wiggly worm finally settled at 11.45pm. I tried to put him back to his own bed and we met with hysterical crying again. Alan - seeing as it was his fault to begin with! - got up and took Xander out to the lounge and played with him for about an hour; or rather he laid on the floor and Xander played! He said he was back in bed at 1am and Xander in his own bed then too.
I think Xander just had really sore gums and coupled with us waking him from a deep sleep he wasn't very happy.