Wednesday, January 31, 2007

lollipops playland

We went to lollipops playland today with 2 of the other mums and babies - Michaela and Nita and Cullen and Danelle.

They had a great time on the bouncy castle, driving the little cars, going down the slides and even the ball pit was a great one!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

creative tuesday

This afternoon after xander discovered he was grumpy and nothing was going to cure his boredom, his mummy brought out some new toys - crayola felt tip pens.
He sat in his highchair for about 30 minutes cheerfully drawing on the paper and his tray - and even his face and neck. He discovered that they didn't taste too nice after one found it's way in his mouth...but he had a great time.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nature Baby

We took Xander for a walk through the Pirongia Forest Park on Sunday, an hour walk. Don't worry he didn't walk we did, he had the luxury of sitting in the backpack on Alan's back and loved every minute of it! He loved touching the trees and patting Alan on the shoulders, "giddy up daddy!" he seemed to be saying - too cute!

Alan started building the banister around the deck on Sunday and today he is finishing it - it being Auckland anniversary and therefore a holiday!

I am featured in the Treasures magazine! So exciting! They sent an email out ages ago about tips for budgetting - i told them that we look at the budget for the fortnight and then take out all the cash we need and that way we don't spend more than what is in our pockets. I'm famous - well not really but a little bit!

Xander's lump is a little better, it isn't so hot or so red and it isn't as firm either, so hopefully this means it is clearing up nicely and the medicine is clearing the infection. Only 3 weeks to go before it should be all gone, or mostly gone.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Grumpy lumpy

Xander's lump has been giving him a bit of grief the last few days. It has gotten big, red and shiny, quite firm and really sore when it is touched, so i took him to the doctor today and they got in contact with the hospital who said that it is infected and giving him some antibiotics will clear it up by Sunday, and the swelling should go down within 4 weeks.

While there i got some tablets for my nausea - hate feeling sick so hopefully this helps.

Despite this he is happy enough (except when he is tired and it all catches up on him!) and today he rocked himself on the rocking horse! Such a clever wee man.

Virtual Super 14

Hey guys, join us and play online! our player names are HurricaneAl and 2ndtimemum. It will be heaps of fun.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Expecting another....

Xander is going to become a big brother on about the 13th September! We are very excited and busy sorting out room for the expected new arrival and getting Xander organised for a new bed.
I am pretty sick with this pregnancy but still really excited. Oh and i'm sleeping as much as Xander too - am so tired!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Xander's Procedure

A very early start for us as we had to be at the hospital at 7.15am. Once there he was put through pre-op pulse test, blood pressure and weight. The Anesthetist came at 8am and explained how Xander will react to the anesthetic. At 9am they finally put our poor hungry baby out with a blast of gas - Alan was with him, i couldn't handle it!
An nervous, nail-biting hour later we were called in to comfort him and he was groggy and very angry. He calmed down after about 15minutes in my arms and then he was given his bottle (finally he thought!). The doctor said they took 25mls of fluid out of his lump and injected 10ml of the healing stuff to stop further fluid build-up and to help it go down.
5 and a half hours later we were dis-charged. Our little soldier was in bed by 6pm and woke at 6am. I went to bed at 8pm and woke at 6am, still really tired but over my past anxious 24 hours!
Xander has to see the pediatrician in 4 weeks to check it out and as long as it doesn't swell, everything is fine.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Wow it was so hot today, Xander and i went to Michelle and Eden's house and had a lovely lunch. Xander had a swim in their paddling pool to cool off and then we came home to get out of the heat!
Poor Michelle, the heat is agony for her at the moment half way through her pregnancy.

Xander has been proudly stamping his feet the past week or so. He discovered it is really fun and that he has the balance and skill to do it.
His procedure for his neck happens early on Wednesday morning so we will let you know how that goes on Thursday.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Play Date

Xander had an all day play date today which began at 6.15am and ended at 4pm.
We looked after Michaela while her mother went to work. They had a ball chasing each other, sharing toys, and inevitably fighting over them too.

I have never seen such totally different children - Xander eats about 3 times the amount of food she does (i knew he was a pig!), which i guess makes sense that his nappies are fuller than hers too.

They slept at the same times and had so much fun, she gave him lots of hugs and even a kiss!
She didn't even want to go home when her mother came to pick her up, and Xander has gone to sleep tonight without any sound.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Today was so hot!
Xander and i went for a long walk today seeing as it was so nice, but it turned out to be too hot! When we got back it was so hot we jumped into the pool and invited Sam and Tracey again. We sucked on lemonade iceblocks while cooling off, it was great.

The fan has been going all afternoon and Xander thought it was a great game having his hair blown all over the place.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

14 months old

Well what can we say? He is as cheeky as ever, but very very clever. Since coming home he has learnt many new signs - book (which he made up himself), sunglasses (same as hat, again by himself), zebra, hippo, more and he almost has dog.

Monday was a bit cloudy but still warm so Xander and Sam had a swim in the pool, Tracey and i got our feet wet and it was nice.

Our vaccuum gave up the ghost over the weekend so we bought a new one, and Xander got a toy version for free so he has been helping me with the vaccuuming everyday - it's so great when they think housework is fun, too bad they grow and learn it isn't very fun after all!

(this is his flower sign - he is sniffing a flower!)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

What a holiday

We got up to so much fun and activities over the Christmas/New Year break that it would take too many posts to catch you all up, so i will give you an over view and you can check out all the photos!

We opened our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve and had wonderful bbq cooked roast lamb. Christmas morning we packed up and joined Nanna and Grandad and Aunty Jennie in Taupo. Xander got so many presents - he really is the most spoilt little man ever! Alan and I were spoilt aswell (after all what else happens on christmas??). A lovely Turkey dinner and too much dessert topped off the day.

Alan's Dad and Lynette and Melissa arrived in Taupo on Boxing day and they stayed with us for a night and then we all - except Nanna, Grandad and Jennie - drove home to Hamilton where we spent 4 days shopping and swimming and catching up with each other.
We surprised Nanna, Grandad and Jennie by following behind Trevor and family two hours later and arrived back in Taupo. Xander and i stayed until Saturday 6th and Alan went back to work on the 3rd and then came back and picked us up on the 5th.

Xander and i had lots of fun with my family; fishing, seeing beehives, having swims, shopping, lots of swings! Xander began making baby signs on the 2nd and he has about 8 signs now - hello/goodbye, cat, horse, duck, all gone, hat, water, flower and is constantly looking for more. It is fantastic being able to communicate with him!
Hope everyone else was spoilt and had a wonderful holiday!