Thursday, March 29, 2007

Copy Cat

Xander only needs to see us doing something once and then we is fully qualified to copy. Alan was playing with his Hockey stick and ball the other day, so Xander fuond the stick and proceeded to hit his ball around the house. He has great aim too!

He also loves picking up the junk mail and 'catching flies', it is really cute.

This morning he watched avidly as Alan was shaving and he ended up getting a shave too!

Gone is the cute sign for cat, it is now replaced with the word "miaow" which he repeats at least ten times in a row. He got this from Michaela as she says it all the time. Another word he is trying to say is Hello, it comes out as "lo" but he is getting the idea.

(there is another side on pregnant photo in the pregnancy folder too!)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

Off to the Zoo along with every childcare/kindergarten and every parent and children under 2 in all of Hamilton! It was a zoo before we saw any animals! It was a day when entry was cheap so everyone was there.We got to see kune kune pigs, giraffes and spider monkeys get fed. Xander saw his first Rhino,

emu, giraffe, monkey and pig,

before falling asleep after much fun, excitement and exhaustion (missed morning sleep!) right as we got to the chimps. Oh well, he really enjoyed it and it was great to finally see the Zoo as a family.

A lovely treat for dinner was all you can eat at Pizza Hutt - little piglet ate 2 pieces of pizza, a few chips and a bowl of icecream and jelly!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Filling our Shoes

Xander loves our shoes. He sees Alan's shoes and will immediately pick one up and take it to him - despite Alan already wearing shoes or still in his pj's. It is too cute.
He is definately following in my footsteps as this photo atests - he loves nutella, go chocolate!

I took Michaela and Xander to mainly music today, they loved it, were very tired but had a great time none-the-less. Seeing as we walked there, we got to try out the toddler seat on the pram too!
Off to the zoo on Friday so look again after the weekend for photos!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well the inevitable happened the other night, i woke to a loud bang and then screams....Xander had fallen out of bed. I think he got a fright more than hurt himself, but it hasn't stopped him from sleeping in his bed every night since that first try! And he hasn't ventured to the end where he fell out so hopefully he has learnt! We are still in the cot during the day sleeps but will hopefully start fazing that out next month.
New album in the photos - March 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

16 months and a big boy!

Xander turned 16 months old yesterday and he spent the day mostly with his Dad while Mum worked at the Women's Expo on the Avon stand - no pay just volunteer.
No new words but we have another tooth so that makes 12! And the biggest of all.....he is sleeping in his new king single bed tonight! We started trying last night and decided on the third time that he comes out we will put him in his cot and he only came out once tonight (after a whole 15 seconds!) and then fell asleep almost immediately after i put him back. Well done Xander! Officially a big boy now!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Only One

Well we had our scan today and it was great to get a look at our baby. It was totally upside down with hands above it's head doing a headstand.
Xander did the baby sign when he saw it and then was promptly bored.
And yes there was only one - no twins so that confirms that i am just a fatty!
I am going to have a photo taken once a month so you can see how big i am getting it will be in the Pregnancy album, make sure you check out the first one! Also i have updated photos for February.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

On my own

How strange and how great. I did some shopping, some housework and had a nice 1.5 hour sleep, all without Xander. He went to Michaela's house for the afternoon.
Apparently he was really quite, didn't eat very much and when he saw me he was suddenly became himself advised Nita. He must have missed me! And i didn't miss him at all, it was nice to have a little break - does that make me bad??