Friday, April 27, 2007

Baby update

We had our anatomy scan today, and it was wonderful to see the baby. Xander was pointing to the screen and then my tummy saying "bubba" like he really understood what was going on. Seeing the baby has made it all the more real, i have been feeling it move for the past six weeks which is great but seeing it was even better. Here is a short glimpse of the scan.

Xander had a morning at Lollipops childcare centre. He really enjoyed it and lasted the whole time until 12pm without a sleep and crashed when we got home. A bit disappointing was the fact the carers only offered water at morning tea and lunch and Xander was thirsty as! I am going to visit another place and see how they differ and then decide. Having taken him along i do and don't want him to go now. I do because i think it will be great for him socially and for both of us relationship-wise. And i don't because i am worried he won't be understood or he won't get enough to eat or drink. I wonder if all mothers think like this when confronted with this situation.

Monday, April 23, 2007

We have fixed the video problem

Due to some technical issues being fixed the videos should now be up and running!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mum and Dad's Little Helper

Xander has had a big day today.
First he helped his Dad chop and stack the firewood that was delivered and then had a 2.5hr sleep.When he woke up we went to the supermarket where he played with a box of bandaids featuring the wiggles - he loves them!
I couldn't have put all those groceries away if it hadn't been for my little helper.

To finish off the day, father and son cooked our dinner on the bbq. Thanks boys!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Good Day

Today was a good day. We went for a visit to the local childcare centre to check it out as we are enrolling Xander for a day or two a week so he can socialise with other kids his age (not being limited to just Michaela!), and for some extra stimulation doing activities that he can't at home - ie, sandpit and painting. A little troubling was the fact that at 1pm when we got there ALL the toddlers were asleep! Xander only sleeps in the morning now so he will be lonely for about an hour if he is there all day or even just in the afternoon. No other place had openings until November and that is just a bit late for us.

After that visit we went for a journey round the supermarket looking for kitten food. We ended up getting some yummy oranges and flavoured milk. We sat outside the supermarket on a chair and drank our milk (individual cartons with straws) and Xander loved it! We got home and finished our afternoon tea with a yummy orange.

Xander didn't eat dinner tonight, but we aren't stressing about it any more, and he enjoyed a bath with Michaela before they both fell asleep immediately on being in bed without a sound. Ah bliss!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

At the crack of Dawn

We were up super early this morning and no it's not our little darlings fault. We got up and had a quick breakfast and made our way to the Lake to watch the balloons.

Mr independent loved walking by himself, and was quite adamant that he didn't need or want our help, even crossing the road!

Xander was trying very hard to say balloon and is very fond of "uh-oh!" which is really cute. He is fascinated with any word beginning with B, i think it is his obsession with trying to say ball and it's probably the easiest letter for him to say right now.
oh there is a new photo album called Michaela and Xander.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fun with dad

Alan and Xander have been up to lots of fun this weekend. They played with Thomas which Xander loves, but was very quick to pick up all the bits and put them back in the box. Then out came the chairs and a blanket and they played tents and tunnels, another great fun but quick game.

Dinner was a homemade pizza and fries, Xander eating the fries and tasting the pizza. Very quickly after dinner we donned hats and jackets having been informed by dad that we were going out for ice-cream. Instead we watched the parade of the balloon crews (too windy for the actual balloons) who passed pulling their gas tanks and sending flames high in the air! Xander got scared at one point, i think the heat frightened him.

Today we bought Xander a new pair of shoes and he thought it was great being in a store full of shoes, he went around picking up boxes of shoes and running away with them. After eating a massive dinner of creamy pasta bake, banana and bread he had his bottle, a bath with dad and tickle and a giggle on the lounge floor and is now deep in an exhausted sleep. Now we can have our winter chocolate pudding!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

End of my tether

If anyone had fussy eaters i would really appreciate some advice.
I cook Xander special meals with yummy veges and a little meat (seeing as he doesn't seem to like meat), which he always refuses to even open his mouth and try it. It comes to dinner time and i dread it, then during the battle to get him to eat start to really hate and resent him for wasting my time trying to find yummy meals that he will eat.
All he will eat is chicken nuggets, bananas, oranges, spaghetti, baked beans, omeletes, crackers and biscuits, oh and don't forget weetbix!
Every night is a battle to get him to eat dinner unless it is one of the above and he is old enough according to every book, internet site, and plunket person i have read or spoken to, to eat smaller portions of what we eat.
So please! any help would be really appreciated!

Sick sick sick

We certainly hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend with not too many chocolate eggs!
Our weekend was full of sleepless nights, snot, sneezing and coughs - Xander caught a cold off Michaela and i off him, so it is inevitable that soon Alan with have it too!
Oh well, what can you do but continue (although i'd love nothing more than to stay in bed sleeping but a demanding toddler doesn't care that you are sick!).

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Two by Two

Thursday saw Xander and Michaela up to their usual antics of fighting over toys and then sitting nicely together to play.

They particularly enjoyed climbing on the chairs and sitting at the table like adults!
Xander calls Michaela "La", and calls to her often, i haven't yet picked up what she calls him but it is a sound of his name.

We went for a walk to the supermarket as i don't have two car seats; they didn't mind sharing the pram though and delighted in the easter eggs they were treated to by the bunny at New World.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Paris for Lunch

Aunty Jenny stayed with us on Saturday night and it was wonderful to see her.
We went to Paris for lunch on Sunday and got treated to a live piano and singing duo which Xander loved and danced to! On the way back to the car Xander got to play with toys and even got a ride on a buzzy bee. Jenny spoilt him with a new truck, and he pushes it round the house making the appropriate sound effects.

Rascal and Xander were again inseperable playing in the back yard! They especially enjoy playing chase where they take turns chasing each other. Just lovely to hear the giggles.

Alan had a game of Hockey and Xander delighted in watching the ball being hit all over the place.

Of course Xander isn't wake for long before he drapes himself in his colourful beads - 4 strands to be exact and he and Rascal fight over them all day long. What with his shoe fetish and now beads i wonder if Alan is getting worried!!
(new photos April 2007)