Tuesday, June 26, 2007

His own car

Alan made Xander his own car this morning, he played in it all day long!

Monday, June 25, 2007


OK photos are now back up and running, they look slightly different but the most recent pictures should automatically be shown on the page that opens up but you can still look at older photos by choosing the options on the right.

If anyone has any problems or if it doesn't work let me know and I can see what I can do.

28 weeks pregnant

Okay there is only about 80 days or so left to go! It's getting really exciting now. I am starting to waddle and it is getting much harder to get off the couch and floor.

Xander is really keen on the belly though and every morning wants to touch "bubba" and during the day too. Hopefully he will still be as keen when "Bubbs" finally arrives.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Due to Yahoo Photos closing down we have had to shift our photos elsewhere, it will mean that they will be down for a little while, but have no fear they will be back.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Milo, Porridge and fire

It is so cold in the morning, Alan got up this morning and lit the fire and then Xander and i got up. We had a milo before breakfast, then Alan cooked Xander and himself porridge. At 10 Xander and i went to the shops for some medicine and dried fruit (lollies as Xander calls them)!
Back home for a sleep and then a fun lunch of noodles, crackers, raisins, sandwiches. Outside in the chilly sunshine for about an hour we played with a ball and picked mandarins off the tree ande sat on the deck watching the diggers over the fence.
Wiggles was turned on for some giddy fun in the lounge and then we had a visit from Nita and Michaela.
Early bath and bed tonight.
Xander's new words: digger, stuck, wet, cold, keys, brown, grey, doctor, wow, dirty, good girl, lolly.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Train ride

After a night at Michaela's we treated Xander to a ride on the trains again. The lines were so long and the place was packed so Alan and Xander only got one ride. Xander loved it! May have to organise for his 2nd birthday party to be there!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fun at the Park

We had Michaela today and after being cooped up inside all morning because it was so cold, we all bundled up and walked to the park.

Lots of fun was had on the swings

and going down the slide. Even all at once!

Poor Alan had his work cut out for him chasing two toddlers who wanted to go in opposite directions. The outing worked to burn lots of energy and make everyone tired, but the toddlers decided they were just not tired enough to sleep, poor us!
Xander was packed up for the night to Nita's as Alan and i went to dinner and then went to Hayley's 30th birthday party. What a nice sleep in we had on Sunday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bye Nanna, Grandpa and Granny

We had such a great time with Nanna here. It was wonderful for all her help with the housework and chasing after Xander while i got a rest. It was also great when Granny and Grandpa were here, we had heaps of fun shopping and it was great for more housework to be done! Poor Xander is a bit dazed at the lack of people in the house now.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Feet

We looked after Michaela on Monday and she and Xander had a great time watching the wiggles and playing together.

We also watched Happy feet as Nanna hadn't watched it and she got to see Xander dance along with the penguins and the really great music.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I had a nice quite birthday this year. Had a party on Saturday and was surprised to have my dad there! All my invited guests except for Nita and Michaela were sick or unable to come so it was a nice small party - lots of food!

Xander loved the attention from his Grandad and Nanna, and keeps talking about them everyday since they have left.

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Words

Thought i would keep you up to date on Xander's new words.
Star, moon, purple, red, green, more, no more, cracker, tractor, wood and fire.

Poor wee man, he fell asleep in the trolley at the butchers this morning and hit his head on the bar but remained asleep! He has been awake since 5.30 and this was at 12pm. We had been walking around Chartwell shopping mall with Granny so he was exhausted!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, i'm now a quarter of a century old! That sounds really old. The day started early as usual followed by a cooked breakfast. Then i was treated to a hair cut! I got a lovely wash and cut, and then decided to nearly faint on the poor lady! After we'd recovered she straightened my hair. So it is now short and straight and looks darker (no i didn't dye it!).

Had a wonderful dinner followed by yummy chocolate cake tonight. We went out for dinner last night for Henny's birthday and Xander was very spoilt with a huge banana split, of course he didn't eat it all by himself, Dave helped him polish it off.

Xander has been loving the puddles, especially with his new gumboots. Every time we tell him to put on his shoes he goes straight to the gumboots.

Cheeky monkey was blowing raspberries with his father this morning - boys will be boys!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Table for Two

We brought home with us a wooden table from Opa, that was used by Alan's mum and brothers, Alan and Angelina and now Xander.
I have been wanting to get a table and chairs for him so this is just fantastic!

Wellington Weekend

We had a great trip down to Wellington, stopping over in Taupo on the Thursday night and continuing southwards on the Friday. We only stopped three times which is good considering my bladder these days and Xander wanting to run around all the time.

I was off gallivanting round town with Kaylene and Louise catching up while Xander and Alan got to relax and wind down with Henny, Dave and Angelina.
Saturday morning we piled into the car and went shoe shopping. I got some nice brown shoes and Xander finally got some gumboots - bring on the puddles! A short relax was followed by a nice party for Opa's 80th birthday, Xander was in his element being the centre of attention and he just loved Bridget and Lachlan!
He howed down on cherios, chips, bread and yoghurt before crashing for the night.

Sunday morning was a real treat. We got bundled up to shield us from the cold southerly and went and saw a real helicopter. Xander just loved it! Maybe when he is bigger he can get a ride - what do you think Granny??!

Off to the Hutt in the afternoon after Alan came home from clothes shopping with his mum, to see Aunty Jenny and Uncle Matt.

Monday saw us travelling up most of the North island bound for home. We took a detour this time and went through national park, seeing some scenery much nicer than you see on the desert road! Of course we had a break in Taumaranui where Granny bought Xander some clothes. Home by 4.30 to a very happy-to-see-us kitten and a cold house.