Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crafty and Fun

We didn't go to Mainly Music this morning as Xander was very grumpy and ended up asleep at 10. He only slept for an hour but that is okay.
This afternoon i entertained him by doing a collage using photos of all the most important people in his life. We started by drawing on the cardboard and tracing round our hands which Xander thought was the coolest thing ever! We had to wash our hands twice to get them all clean. Then i cut out the photos and Xander helped me glue and stick them to the paper.

It's not finished yet, i intend on going to the $2 shop and getting some stickers and stamps and stamp pad and decorating it with them and some glitter. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it safe? (ie, covering with varnish or duracell or laminating? I'd like for him to keep this forever. I want to stick it on his wall so he can see everyone every day!
Then i took him for a walk to the dairy and we had an ice cream each - it was less messy than i expected! And after we got home, washed our hands and changed nappies we went to the park.
Xander had an hour sleep when we got home and is now watching the wiggles!

When he was at Nita's a week or so ago, they did potato stamping and had heaps of fun (and mess!)


Anonymous said...

What a good idea. I bet he thoroughly loves getting messy.

Mum said...

yes he really loved it, until he realised his feet were painted too then he got upset when they weren't cleaned immediately!

Anonymous said...

take it to a professional copy place and they will laminate it for you. It does not cost very much and that way it will last for ever

Anonymous said...

Ask your father to have it done for you, that way it wil cost you nothing.