Friday, August 31, 2007


Can't believe i only have 2 weeks to go - that is if baby is on time!
I seem to have picked up a nesting bug this week. I have cleaned Xander's room and my room top to bottom. Nita moved my bed today so i could vaccuum behind it. I intend to do the spare room/babies room this weekend as well as the garage - probably wishful thinking and we will just get the garage done. We want to go to the tip and get rid of a lot of our rubbish in case we have to move soon. Also may find some stuff we can sell on trade-me!
Alan shaved his beard off last night and we also shaved his hair, so no more woolly face!

Xander has heaps of new words: chippie, spoon, go, hair chair, ice cream, Dorothy (the dinosaur), lounge, couch, floor, pooey (either wet or poo in his nappy!), bread, drink, teddy, ready, two , four, bedroom, all done, glue, light, dark, hot, cold, number. Of course not all of the words are precise but the general idea is there!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well we spent another enjoyable weekend in Taupo. Alan and Dad spent the weekend on the lake trying to catch a big one for the fishing the competition, while mum, Nita, Michaela, Xander and i had some great fun!

There is a really cool farm nearby called Lilliput fun and animal park that we took the kids to on Saturday - they fed all kinds of animals, but were too little for the donkey ride!

The pony tried to eat Xander's fingers and a turkey tried to pull Michaela into the pen and eat all her food - very scary for all of us!We had a picnic lunch and the kids played on the trampoline, slide and swings and then fell into exhausted sleeps back at the house.

I cooked two very yummy (bad for you!) breakfasts. Saturday we had bacon, eggs, baked beans, spaghetti and toast - Xander ate about 3 helpings! and on Sunday i made banana pancakes with bacon and banana slices covered in maple syrup - yum!We cooked a roast for mum and dad Saturday night for their 28th wedding anniversary and it was beautiful.Of course no weekend is complete without the wiggles! We also watched Garfield and Xander showed everyone how the puppy dances.
He was very spoilt with all the attention from Nanna, Grandad, and Uncle Matt. He got a ride on the boat and the neighbour gave him a little plastic trike to run around on, which he thoroughly enjoyed!A wonderful weekend full of good (and lots!) food and fun!
The men didn't win anything for the fishing competition, but had a good time all in all!

new words: 'Kayla, sit, car, more (very distinct now!), juice, nemo (dvd), cow, nappy, book, back (ie, put it back), pink. And he is always trying to say other words that we say too, everything gets a go these days!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New words and morning sickness

Man i am suffering now from morning sickness! Feel like throwing up all day and nothing satisfies that awful taste in the mouth. Oh well, hopefully not long to go - 3 weeks!

Xanders new words: nose, toes, bum, doodle, car, juice, alright, again, butter (peanut butter), choc (chocolate), back (put it back), away (go away), Ganny (Granny). I'm sure there are more but i can't remember them all right now!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Day

Man Xander threw some whopping tantrums yesterday. Anything he had before was nothing compared to these - he threw about 5 all day. He did have a temperature and his lump looked really sore so i can understand why, but man, didn't know he had it in him!
The most spectacular one was when i was running the bath for him, he screamed and carried on and then ran to his bedroom in the nude demanding to go to bed! Of course i had to put a nappy and his pj's on him and he didn't want that either. Eventually we got him dressed and when we walked past the bathroom on the way to bed, he threw another wobbly when he realised he wasn't getting a bath afterall! Well he was put to bed and i had a great soak.

Today is a much better day. We went to the warehouse for another storage box for my avon stuff and got some large food thermos' for Taupo. Xander and i had a coffee and cake and then he played on the little playground at the base. Came home and enjoyed about half an hour of the sun before having a 1.5 hour nap (both of us!).

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hard at work

Poor Granny. On Saturday she did all my housework while i sat on the couch taking photos of Xander helping her do the vaccuuming. It was really nice not to have to do it, as it takes me twice as long these days.Of course we got all puffed out with all the shopping we did next. KMart was hit for the wiggles clothes they had in the mailer, but most of it was gone, Xander got a singlet and some Thomas the Tank Engine summer pj's, and some little blue crocs from the warehouse which he loves. I think 'cos they are first like Daddy's and next 'cos he can put them on himself!

I got some yoga pants for after the birth to lounge in at home - they are so comfy!
Of course the mattress for the bassinette was bought and we just have to get linen for it now - i have washed the sheets i am going to cut up, just have to measure and cut now.
I have been hard at work - not too hard, am trying to take it easy - sorting out the spare room to make room for the baby. Next to tackle is the toy chest which i know has lots of wraps and stuff for baby which i am dying to sort though!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Granny for the weekend

Granny arrived today to stay for the weekend. Here five minutes and we already hit the shops!
Xander had about 10 minutes sleep today but coped really well.
Finally saw the midwife today and baby is about 3/5ths in the birth canal - dropped deep! I knew there was reason for getting up every 2 hours in the night!
Everyone reackons i will go into labour next weekend while we are in Taupo so i have been busy getting the baby clothes ready, we are getting a bassinette matress this weekend and then i just need to pack a bag.
Xander had his procedure on Wednesday. This time his lump swelled up pretty quickly but so far he isn't too discomforted by it, which is great.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

thomas cakes

We went grocery shopping last night (vary late) and Xander saw a box of Thomas cupcakes on the shelves and he asked so nicely that we bought them for him.

This morning Xander mixed the ingredients and i put them in the oven.
After his sleep he held them while i iced them (he mixed the icing too!) and then we sat at the table and ate one each, we had chocolate grins!

Fun in Taupo

We went to Taupo for the weekend and got to catch up with Nanna and Grandad. Xander also got reaquainted with his friend the kitten from next door, she smooched and kissed him and followed him everywhere!

He also rediscovered all his favourite statues in the lounge. Here he is trying to put the fish on his toe which sits on the statue's toe!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Child Poem

Found this poem on the web last night and thought i would share it - it is so true!

My Child, My Hope

He’ll know I’ll keep him warm when cold,
And cool when days are hot
He’ll know that anytime he likes
I’ll sit with him beside his cot.
My child will know that even though
Life isn’t what it seems,
His mother trusts with all her heart,
He’ll manifest his dreams.
My child will not grow up to judge,
He’ll keep an open mind
He’ll feel and show compassion
Not for some, but all mankind.
And for my child I hope
that he will always have belief.
I hope his life is filled with joys
And never filled with grief.
I hope my child will live in peace,
And not encounter war,
I hope he’ll never see and fear
the things his parents saw.
I hope that he will have good friends,
who love him faults and all
I hope that he will find true love,
I hope that he will have it all.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Silly camera

Well i was really excited about posting on here today, but the camera has decided to not record the photos i took yesterday. Xander ate more dinner than Alan last night (i had a video too, but alas it's gone!), it was a yummy chicken cashew curry, he was so upset when his plate was empty we had to give him more! And the night before he ate a lamb chop - so happy now, no longer worried about his dinner eating habits.
Also last night he fell asleep on the floor in his bedroom. He has figured that if he stays in his room after we have put him to bed, we just leave him to it, and there he was when we went to check on him 20 minutes after we heard nothing. Just too cute!
I spent the weekend in bed with a head cold - what a nice rest it was, Alan finally went back to work today poor man.
Had a check up at the hospital on Monday discussing things as had caesar first time round, and they reackon baby is smaller than it should be. Lets just hope that means it will be an easier labour!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

34 weeks!

I can't believe that i am now 34 weeks pregnant. Only 6 weeks to go! I'm not ready yet!! This pregnancy has gone way too quickly, must be all the running around i am doing of Xander.
Midwife measured my stomach and last check up it was 28 cms, this check up it was 32cms! Alan called me a big fatty - not a very flattering picture of my face (really tired) but see how huge i am; and i think i am still smaller than with Xander.

Still sick

Poor Xander is so sick - his cold hasn't gone at all, in fact his nose is running even more and his cough is so bad he hacks and hacks until he vomits! We are going to the doctor tomorrow to make sure it isn't something sinister.Here he is watching the wiggles and trying to put his pants on at the same time.

Not paying attention resulted in two legs in one pants leg!