Monday, August 20, 2007

Hard at work

Poor Granny. On Saturday she did all my housework while i sat on the couch taking photos of Xander helping her do the vaccuuming. It was really nice not to have to do it, as it takes me twice as long these days.Of course we got all puffed out with all the shopping we did next. KMart was hit for the wiggles clothes they had in the mailer, but most of it was gone, Xander got a singlet and some Thomas the Tank Engine summer pj's, and some little blue crocs from the warehouse which he loves. I think 'cos they are first like Daddy's and next 'cos he can put them on himself!

I got some yoga pants for after the birth to lounge in at home - they are so comfy!
Of course the mattress for the bassinette was bought and we just have to get linen for it now - i have washed the sheets i am going to cut up, just have to measure and cut now.
I have been hard at work - not too hard, am trying to take it easy - sorting out the spare room to make room for the baby. Next to tackle is the toy chest which i know has lots of wraps and stuff for baby which i am dying to sort though!

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