Saturday, September 29, 2007


Xander has been spoilt rotten with Nanna here. He is sure going to miss her once she is on that plane home today. He has had lots of laughs and giggles - and lollies! - he had lots of company in the garden riding his bike, he went to lollipops playland and the park.
Nanna also bought him his own black leather chair - now he is the king of his castle!

Friday, September 28, 2007

10 days old

Esmee was 10 days old yesterday - the time has passed quickly enough! She loves to be held when she goes to sleep which poses a problem for that first sleep at night, it took two hours and a top up feed for her to finally go to sleep last night. We took her to show her off at Alan's work, of course everyone thought she was adorable!
Esmee is now 8lb's - my milk is solid gold! It must be as after every feed she is comatose for a good 20 minutes before i can wake her to get rid of her wind.
Here are a few funny faces she pulled this afternoon!

regurgitated milk tastes gross!
err, do i get any more?
so full!
hey, i do want more!
where is that milk? I know it's here somewhere!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the meaning...

"Like all doves, pigeons lay two eggs at a time, and thereby hangs the tale of "pigeon pair." Legend has it that pigeons brood always consist of one male chick and one female chick, which then grow up to mate and live together for life. (This doesn't actually happen ofcourse). But as a invocation of symmetry and balance in nature, "pigeon pair" has been applied to human babies since the mid-19th century. The primary meaning of "pigeon pair" is a boy and a girl who are twins, but an extended sense encompasses [our] situation, a boy and girl born a bit apart but constituting (at least for the moment) the only children in the family."

glad i now know where this comes from! Thanks Louise E for letting me know!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pidgeon Pear...

I have never heard that saying before now, every time i tell people i have one of each they say "pidgeon pear"! I wonder where it has come from?
Anyways, here are my "pidgeon pear" having a bath last night.

Settling in nicely

We are starting to settle in very nicely. I am finally able to sit comfortably and the engorgement has gone down. Esmee is trying to go to sleep on the breast which i am trying very hard to not let her. She is a sucky baby like Xander and settles very nicely with a dummy.
Last night we laid on Xander's bed and i read stories to the three of us, Xander thought it was cool that Esmee was laying on his bed with him and I.

He is coping very well, always wants to hold her and is always concerned when she cries. The only difference we have noticed is that he is a bit more cuddly and wants lots of kisses - which we are more than happy to give!

Xander's new words (i have been a bit slack so the list is long!): come on, open, close, sleep, ribbit (frog), cow, round, Esmee, meat, 'Tatoe (potato), 'ghetti (spaghetti), girl, mouse, there, outside, chin, arm, leg, fine, shapes, playgroup.
He is also singing along with me when we sing 'The wheels on the bus', 'twinkle, twinkle', and 'row row row your boat'. It is so cute!

Friday, September 21, 2007

First day home

It was really nice to come home to familiar surroundings after being in the birth centre - and unfamiliar bed! - for two nights. And i still don't have to do anything as Mum and Alan are being wonderful.Our first night wasn't a good one, we got about 3 hours sleep. Esmee didn't wake Xander up though which was good, she kept waking up for a feed even though she wasn't hungry so we have figured she likes to suck like Xander so she now has a dummy. I know it sounds like a cop out but when it means she is happier sleeping and so are we, why not??
She did sleep from 5am to 9am (and so did Alan)

[Both my babies love sleeping with dad! Xander did this all the time too!]

, though which gave me another hour or so before Xander came in to say good morning.

Grandad arrived today bringing with him a wonderful present for Xander - a bubble maker which everyone enjoyed.

Recovery from a natural delivery sucks, and engorgement, but i am coping (just!) with lots of support and compassion from my wonderful husband. And it's all worth it when you look at my adorable little lady!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coming home tomorrow...

Well the wait is almost over, Esmee and Kerrin will be coming home tomorrow. Kerrin is really looking forward to coming home and getting settled into a routine.

Xander brought Esmee a soft toy today and proudly presented it to his sister. It has been named Jill and is a horse, it goes with Xander's cow that is named Jack.

I am sure Kerrin will get on here sometime soon to update you all with everything that I have missed, but in the meantime there are some new photos that have been updated in the more photos link on the right!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Esmee Georgia Hearfield

Well as most of you will know Kerrin went into labour last night and after a few hours of huffing and puffing produced our wonderful little girl Esmee.

Kerrin did extremely well through out the birth and managed to give birth naturally to a healthy baby girl at 9:30pm weighing 7lb 13.

Both mum and baby are doing well and are now resting at Waterford Birthing Centre in Hamilton, they will be there till maybe Thursday morning and then coming home.

Xander has been to meet his new baby sister and is pleased as punch to be a big brother. But we will see what happens when everyone is back home...

Monday, September 17, 2007

progress report...

well it's 6:15 in the morning and nothing much has happened. I have been asleep so don't think i've been up all this time! I am still having contractions but they are still really random so the midwife is going to call at a decent hour and probably come and check me out - this will make me in labour for 16 hours already and no progress! With Xander i was in labour 19 hours and then they took him but these contractions aren't getting closer or stronger like they did with him, oh well, will keep you posted...

Well my contractions have essentially stopped, only get 1 every hour roughly now. My midwife is coming this afternoon after her day has finished and we will see what is happening. It's almost as though this baby can't decide if it's coming or not - i just want it over with!

well finally! i have had 8 strong contractions in the last hour and my show (don't ask!).
so keep watching it will be interesting from here on in!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It has begun...

Just letting you all know that i have started contractions, started at about 2:40 and i've had 4, so could be a long wait but hopefully not too long!
Obviously when things really start rolling Alan will be texting and then there will be phone calls once it is all over.
Hopefully he will post to the blog too with a pic or two of the new arrival!

Xander is at Nita's for the night and my contractions are still really random, may not have one for an hour and then i'll have 5 within a space of 20 minutes. Baby is still moving the whole time which makes it so much nicer (not!).
Tried to lay down and get some rest but then i had like 4 contractions within 15 minutes so up and about just tidying up etc....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can have a baby now....

Alan brought the basinette inside this morning so i finally got to make it up! Now it is very real that we are having a baby. And the washing line is full of size OOO baby clothes (just in case baby is too big for newborn size!).
So any time now, i am ready...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

D Day

Well, it's due date day and nothing is happening - babies don't come on time anyways!
This time round i am 15 kilos lighter than with Xander - that is huge! It certainly helps that i'm still running (haha more like waddling!) after a toddler and keeping fit.
All that needs to be done is to make up the bed for baby, Alan says he has 10 minutes to do on the basinette then we can bring it inside and i can make it up - i really want it ready before i start labour as it's something i would really like to do - makes it more real i suppose.

Xander turned 22 Months old on Monday, weighs 13.5kgs and i haven't measured his height yet but he is probably very tall.
We booked him in for summer swimming lessons which start next month and when at the pool yesterday paying the deposit he was so keen to get in the water, Alan is going to take him for a swim this weekend - even if baby comes!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Baby Shower

Nita threw me a wonderful baby shower today. We got to catch up with the ladies from my antenatal group and their children.
Jo and I are due on the same day so it was a joint party. There was heaps of food, Xander had a great time and greeted everyone with a very happy "Hello" (not shy my son!).

Nita made a beautiful chocolate cake with a teddy bears picnic on top - very creative and yummy!Xander held Julie's 8 week old baby and thought we was the bees knees! Such great hopes that he will want to hold and cuddle our baby when it arrives...

Wiggly Fun

We had Alan's work do last night and the theme was Movie Night, we dressed up as characters from tv or movies. Alan and i and two of his work mates went as The Wiggles! We won the best dressed group award (meaning i got the box of chocolates!).
Alan and i are going to save our tops for Xander's birthday party which we are planning to be The Wiggles theme.
On Wednesday we went to Karina's son's 2nd birthday which was a Wiggles theme. Xander loved it and it was great to catch up with a friend from school!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Father and Son. 39 weeks

Alan and Xander had a great day on father's day. They spent lots of good time together, Alan even got a fat lip from playing rough and tumble with Xander!

39 weeks pregnant and i feel like i am ready to pop. Baby is still moving heaps but there is lots of grinding and the movements are really painful. I have finally cut up the old sheets for the basinette just need to sew them now and then will be all set - of course hoping Granny is doing the fitted sheets!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

My two santas...

I've also updated the photo folders - i've had some time tonight so go hard and take a look!

Throwing a Tantie

Here is our wee man throwing a tantie - really funny, he just lays down and cries into the carpet (or lino!). This was because he wanted to eat but i had to change his nappy first.
We tried to go out this morning and he threw another tantie just as we got into the car so inside we went and we put him to bed, slept for an hour and then we went out!
I think he is just really tired today!