Thursday, September 13, 2007

D Day

Well, it's due date day and nothing is happening - babies don't come on time anyways!
This time round i am 15 kilos lighter than with Xander - that is huge! It certainly helps that i'm still running (haha more like waddling!) after a toddler and keeping fit.
All that needs to be done is to make up the bed for baby, Alan says he has 10 minutes to do on the basinette then we can bring it inside and i can make it up - i really want it ready before i start labour as it's something i would really like to do - makes it more real i suppose.

Xander turned 22 Months old on Monday, weighs 13.5kgs and i haven't measured his height yet but he is probably very tall.
We booked him in for summer swimming lessons which start next month and when at the pool yesterday paying the deposit he was so keen to get in the water, Alan is going to take him for a swim this weekend - even if baby comes!


Dayl Shillito said...

I'd be starting those Diving lessons soon too, Kerrin.


Lillybud said...

Happy D day! Hope your not waiting for bubs for to much longer. Sorry we missed you both today but when i told sam i went swimming yesterday while he was at kindy he had a fit! so thought we would check out the aqua class this morning. :)
Having coffee group at the lake monday if your still in one piece and want to get out the house :)

Anonymous said...

All the best for the birth Kerrin. Crossing my fingers for a girl, hehe.