Friday, September 21, 2007

First day home

It was really nice to come home to familiar surroundings after being in the birth centre - and unfamiliar bed! - for two nights. And i still don't have to do anything as Mum and Alan are being wonderful.Our first night wasn't a good one, we got about 3 hours sleep. Esmee didn't wake Xander up though which was good, she kept waking up for a feed even though she wasn't hungry so we have figured she likes to suck like Xander so she now has a dummy. I know it sounds like a cop out but when it means she is happier sleeping and so are we, why not??
She did sleep from 5am to 9am (and so did Alan)

[Both my babies love sleeping with dad! Xander did this all the time too!]

, though which gave me another hour or so before Xander came in to say good morning.

Grandad arrived today bringing with him a wonderful present for Xander - a bubble maker which everyone enjoyed.

Recovery from a natural delivery sucks, and engorgement, but i am coping (just!) with lots of support and compassion from my wonderful husband. And it's all worth it when you look at my adorable little lady!

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