Sunday, September 16, 2007

It has begun...

Just letting you all know that i have started contractions, started at about 2:40 and i've had 4, so could be a long wait but hopefully not too long!
Obviously when things really start rolling Alan will be texting and then there will be phone calls once it is all over.
Hopefully he will post to the blog too with a pic or two of the new arrival!

Xander is at Nita's for the night and my contractions are still really random, may not have one for an hour and then i'll have 5 within a space of 20 minutes. Baby is still moving the whole time which makes it so much nicer (not!).
Tried to lay down and get some rest but then i had like 4 contractions within 15 minutes so up and about just tidying up etc....


Lillybud said...

Ohhhhh good luck Kerrin, ive been checking heaps for this post!
Hope it all goes to plan, and Sam and I cant wait to see a pic of the new family member :)

Naomi said...

Good Luck!!!