Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Esmee Georgia Hearfield

Well as most of you will know Kerrin went into labour last night and after a few hours of huffing and puffing produced our wonderful little girl Esmee.

Kerrin did extremely well through out the birth and managed to give birth naturally to a healthy baby girl at 9:30pm weighing 7lb 13.

Both mum and baby are doing well and are now resting at Waterford Birthing Centre in Hamilton, they will be there till maybe Thursday morning and then coming home.

Xander has been to meet his new baby sister and is pleased as punch to be a big brother. But we will see what happens when everyone is back home...


Lillybud said...

Congrats guys! She is beautiful and Xander looks stoked to be a big brother!
Glad you got your natural birth Kerrin hope it all went fairly smoothly.
Look forward to meeting her :)
Hugs from Tracy, Greg and Samuel

Welcome to the world Esmee!!!!!

Mama M said...

Congrats from the Bibbys. Esmee looks gorgeous. Can't wait to meet her in person and see whats under the hat!

Well done to you Kerrin, natural birth and a girl. Can't do better than one of each, except maybe 2 girls...ha ha. See you all soon. Michelle, Scott, Eden and Isla

Anonymous said...


YaY for a girl! :)


Constance said...


congrats :-)

one of each now:-)

so proud of you all, Zander looks happy cuddling new bubs. Keep the pictures rolling when you have them. Take care of yourself.

Love and hugs

current wherabouts unknown, believe i am somewhere near Prague:-)

Naomi said...

Thank you for an impression!

It is really minikin.

Please take a rest slowly.

Love Naomi

Dayl Shillito said...

Congratulations Alan and Kerrin, well done. Great photos as well, she is a little cutie.

Take care,