Monday, September 24, 2007

Settling in nicely

We are starting to settle in very nicely. I am finally able to sit comfortably and the engorgement has gone down. Esmee is trying to go to sleep on the breast which i am trying very hard to not let her. She is a sucky baby like Xander and settles very nicely with a dummy.
Last night we laid on Xander's bed and i read stories to the three of us, Xander thought it was cool that Esmee was laying on his bed with him and I.

He is coping very well, always wants to hold her and is always concerned when she cries. The only difference we have noticed is that he is a bit more cuddly and wants lots of kisses - which we are more than happy to give!

Xander's new words (i have been a bit slack so the list is long!): come on, open, close, sleep, ribbit (frog), cow, round, Esmee, meat, 'Tatoe (potato), 'ghetti (spaghetti), girl, mouse, there, outside, chin, arm, leg, fine, shapes, playgroup.
He is also singing along with me when we sing 'The wheels on the bus', 'twinkle, twinkle', and 'row row row your boat'. It is so cute!

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