Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alan's birthday

Alan's Birthday was on Saturday. He spent the morning swimming with Xander, then a quiet afternoon at home playing with his Wii and Xander and Esmee.
I cooked a roast chicken and then tried to make him a lemon merangue pie as i know this is his favourite. Well it was a complete and utter disaster but he said he had a good day so that is good!

Just as an aside, i thought i would let you know that postings to the blog may be a bit sparse over the next month - i am finally writing my novel!

pee-pee in the potty!

Monday was a funny day. We had to go to the doctor to get Esmee her 6 week jabs - can't believe six weeks has gone so fast! - Xander did very well considering he was bored - he only ran away from me half a dozen times, but one of those times was in the carpark! He has been doing that a lot lately, completely ignoring us.
Esmee did well with her jabs - cried while she had them obviously but stopped almost immediately and then had no reactions at all, and she had a great sleep, now sleeps 8 hours a night!

Xander fell asleep in the car on the way home and woke up just as i put him into his bed and he then refused to go back to sleep, i left him there for a bit but soon discovered he had taken off his nappy and peed in the bed! and when i started to get a new nappy for him he peed on the floor too! Lucky it has been nice weather and i have been able to wash and dry the sheets - he has wet the bed 2 nights in a row. Anyway he was so tired that i tried and succeeded in getting him to sleep at 3.30 - he slept til 5.30 when Alan got home. We went and watched him play Hockey, then came home for a bath and then bed. When in the bath Xander informed me he wanted to do poos so out came the potty. No poos but we had some pee - he was so pleased with himself! I'm glad summer is arriving, i can start toilet training soon.

Greeny and Punkin

Xander had so much fun with Henny, Dave and Angelina here that he has asked about all of them every day since!
He loves to tell me what they did when here - shopping is one of his favourite words when we talk about "Greeny" and he is always asking about "Punkin". Lord knows where he got Punkin out of Grandpa but if we understand who is talking about i guess it doesn't matter does it!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy Weekend

Our weekend started off with Xander going to Eden's 2nd birthday party on Friday. He had a great time eating marshmellows, playing on the slide and cars and then having some cake! Before we went to the party Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angie arrived. We left Esmee with them and had a great time together.

Saturday saw Xander and Alan at swimming, after we did the groceries. Xander fell into a big sleep but woke up very upset when he found mum and Granny, Esmee and Aunty Angie were gone. He had some lunch and then came over the base where we were shopping. Mum got some 3/4 pants and Esmee got a gorgeous yellow suit and green cardy from Aunty Angie.
Gengys was our stop for dinner. Xander did really well having some soup and bread, noodles and icecream. Alan remembered to take some books and his pens and paper so he was well occupied while we ate our dinner. There were no tantrums even though he was really tired, well done Xander. Esmee had a funny night as she had a feed at the restaurant which would have been her last for the night, but she had another when we got home and then woke every 2-3 hours during the night.

Today we waited until after Xander's sleep and then went into town for more shopping, this time the trip had a purpose, Xander and Alan's birthday presents from Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angie. Xander came away with a mat for his cars - it has roads and houses on it, and from Aunty Angie a leap frog phonetics that he can stick to the fridge, he loved pushing the buttons and singing along to the alphabet!

Alan being picky didn't get anything, except Granny got him some pants and a few t-shirts.
Both Xander and Esmee have been very spoilt with lots of attention and cuddles.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Month Old

I can't believe my little girl is one month already! I tried to get a photo of her smiling but it was all blurry, so here she is instead in her cute dress from Merrilyn.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Xander had his first swimming lesson for the year this weekend. He was the oldest in his class, i think all the others were under 1! I am going to ring the pool this week (i keep forgetting) and enquire what the next level up do and whether or not we should put him in a higher class.
Unfortunately the camera batteries died so i didn't get any good photos just this one!

I love you

Plunket came today to check Esmee. She has grown by 4 cms since birth, and is now 9lb 5 oz. She coos occasionally and is staying awake for more than an hour now so we are going to start tummy time and using the play gym. I have had about 4 real smiles which is lovely. She is a beautiful little lady but then i am extremely biased!

And so is Xander. He still wants to kiss and hug her every time she cries and if she is in her bed crying he drops whatever he is doing and races up there to say "shhh" and rocks and bed. If he could say it i'm sure he would tell her "i love you"!
Plunket came today to check Esmee. She has

Friday, October 12, 2007

First Smile

Yey, Esmee smiled at me today for the first time - no wind!
Sorry i didn't get a photo cos i was holding her and she hasn't done another one since that i could catch on camera. Hopefully soon she will smile at Alan and i can take one then.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We have thrush!

The midwife came today and weighed Esmee - 8lb 15 oz - she put on 10 oz since last week!
I showed Anne Esmee's nappy rash and she said it is really yeasty so checked her mouth and she has white spots on her palate. I mentioned my nipples are swollen and crusty and she determined we have thrush! Great, so off to the pharmacy tomorrow to get cream and medicine to help heals us.
It is really easy taking Esmee along to Xander's activities, she sleeps through the whole thing and everyone just wants to look at her. Xander really enjoys his activities so we just have to keep going.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Shower

Monday night saw Esmee in the shower with her Daddy, she loved it and just cuddled into his chest and stretched her legs in the running water.

Xander loved his first shower with his Daddy too, you can compare the photos - so similar!

Monday, October 08, 2007

strange night

Well, Esmee is three weeks old today and i'm sure she must look different - i can't tell cos i see her everyday - all i know is that she is feeding well and sleeping well. She slept for a solid 6 hours last night before waking for her first feed at 2.45am!

Poor Xander didn't have a very good night (so neither did me or Alan!) as he has another horrible cough. He coughed and coughed and coughed solidly for about 1.5 hours. We gave him cough medicine, cough spray, lots of water and even tried an inhaler, but to no avail! At 4.30am he eventually went to sleep and didn't wake until 6.30am with no coughing which is good. He coughed heaps this morning though and ended up throwing up poor thing.
Back to our usual activities this week as school holidays have finished so mainly music on Wednesday, library playgroup on Thursday and playgroup on Friday. Will try Esmee in the front pack tomorrow to see how it goes as this will be easier at our activities!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cry me a river

Poor Xander has been crying at the drop of a hat today and i thought it was maybe because of Esmee getting attention when she cries. But we discovered that he has a bit of a temperature and his hand has been stuck in his mouth for the last week so his teeth are giving him grief and i think he is ill as well. So we will keep an eye on him.
He has however been very good occupying himself with reading and drawing. He even tries to write his own name holding the pen very properly and everything.

He is very protective of his little sister, always gives her a hug and kiss when she is crying and always wants to hold her. He is totally fascinated with my feeding her and he constantly tries to give her her dummy (even when she is asleep!). She was weighed today and has gained 140 grams since last week, must be liquid gold in my milk!