Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy Weekend

Our weekend started off with Xander going to Eden's 2nd birthday party on Friday. He had a great time eating marshmellows, playing on the slide and cars and then having some cake! Before we went to the party Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angie arrived. We left Esmee with them and had a great time together.

Saturday saw Xander and Alan at swimming, after we did the groceries. Xander fell into a big sleep but woke up very upset when he found mum and Granny, Esmee and Aunty Angie were gone. He had some lunch and then came over the base where we were shopping. Mum got some 3/4 pants and Esmee got a gorgeous yellow suit and green cardy from Aunty Angie.
Gengys was our stop for dinner. Xander did really well having some soup and bread, noodles and icecream. Alan remembered to take some books and his pens and paper so he was well occupied while we ate our dinner. There were no tantrums even though he was really tired, well done Xander. Esmee had a funny night as she had a feed at the restaurant which would have been her last for the night, but she had another when we got home and then woke every 2-3 hours during the night.

Today we waited until after Xander's sleep and then went into town for more shopping, this time the trip had a purpose, Xander and Alan's birthday presents from Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angie. Xander came away with a mat for his cars - it has roads and houses on it, and from Aunty Angie a leap frog phonetics that he can stick to the fridge, he loved pushing the buttons and singing along to the alphabet!

Alan being picky didn't get anything, except Granny got him some pants and a few t-shirts.
Both Xander and Esmee have been very spoilt with lots of attention and cuddles.

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