Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cry me a river

Poor Xander has been crying at the drop of a hat today and i thought it was maybe because of Esmee getting attention when she cries. But we discovered that he has a bit of a temperature and his hand has been stuck in his mouth for the last week so his teeth are giving him grief and i think he is ill as well. So we will keep an eye on him.
He has however been very good occupying himself with reading and drawing. He even tries to write his own name holding the pen very properly and everything.

He is very protective of his little sister, always gives her a hug and kiss when she is crying and always wants to hold her. He is totally fascinated with my feeding her and he constantly tries to give her her dummy (even when she is asleep!). She was weighed today and has gained 140 grams since last week, must be liquid gold in my milk!

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Lillybud said...

What a good big brother Xander is :) Will have to come see you soon, wanted to let you and Esmee settle in at home before we charged on over lol