Wednesday, October 31, 2007

pee-pee in the potty!

Monday was a funny day. We had to go to the doctor to get Esmee her 6 week jabs - can't believe six weeks has gone so fast! - Xander did very well considering he was bored - he only ran away from me half a dozen times, but one of those times was in the carpark! He has been doing that a lot lately, completely ignoring us.
Esmee did well with her jabs - cried while she had them obviously but stopped almost immediately and then had no reactions at all, and she had a great sleep, now sleeps 8 hours a night!

Xander fell asleep in the car on the way home and woke up just as i put him into his bed and he then refused to go back to sleep, i left him there for a bit but soon discovered he had taken off his nappy and peed in the bed! and when i started to get a new nappy for him he peed on the floor too! Lucky it has been nice weather and i have been able to wash and dry the sheets - he has wet the bed 2 nights in a row. Anyway he was so tired that i tried and succeeded in getting him to sleep at 3.30 - he slept til 5.30 when Alan got home. We went and watched him play Hockey, then came home for a bath and then bed. When in the bath Xander informed me he wanted to do poos so out came the potty. No poos but we had some pee - he was so pleased with himself! I'm glad summer is arriving, i can start toilet training soon.

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