Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fishies, stingray, shark, Nemo!

We took Xander to Kelly Tarltons as a birthday present.
He slept in the car on the way up and was then so excited when we got there he didn't want any lunch.He was really scared when we went on the snowcat to see the penguins,(we went through some black rubber curtains) but as soon as he saw them he was really happy. Alan said there was a chick but i didn't see it.
On the underwater conveyerbelt we watched the fishes, sharks, stingrays and turtles swimming around. Xander was fascinated but i think his favourite were the stingrays.We got off after two rounds and then went and saw the tropical fish tanks.
Xander was delighted to see Nemo! The same tank had Dory and the Yellow fish (the one who liked bubbles in the dentists office).Esmee slept in the frontpack and pram most of the time, she did wake up one time when we were in the underwater dome and had a bit of a look around, but went back to sleep pretty quickly.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two months old

Wow hasn't the time gone fast, Esmee is two months old already!
She is talking lots and every time she sees Xander, Daddy or me she lights up with gorgeous smiles. She enjoys kicking under the playgym and having baths. She enjoys a massage after bath and coos the whole time.
See is a nosy little thing and hates not seeing what is going on. She adores Xander and watches him all the time.
A little piggy she is growing very fast weighing in at 4.5kg and is 56cms long.
Most nights, 4 out of 5, she sleeps from 7pm to 4.30am, on the odd night she will wake at 2.30am. She seems to like being awake all morning until about 10 and then will sleep for 3-4 hours.
We are so lucky to have a gorgeous little girl!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Esmee talking

a few videos

Sorry it has taken me a while to upload more videos here are a few.

Xander's new train, Hogwarts Express

Blowing Bubbles

drawing balloons

Another Party.

Xander went to Kayley's birthday party on Sunday.
It started out sunny but clouded over quickly and alternated between cold and warm. He had fun in the sandpit and on the see-saw with Michaela.

Nita had a great time with Esmee while i supervised the kids outside.
Xander started to not feel himself, he had a slightly red eye and i thought he had sand in it or something, but when he refused cake i knew he wasn't feeling well.
Monday he woke with big red puffy eyes that were all gunked up and weeping, his nose was constantly streaming as well. He had a temperature and sat of the couch looking miserable most of the day. We finally took him to the doctor and he said he has picked up a virus of some sort and it was contaigous - just what i needed to hear with a new baby and after all the parties we'd had!This is him yesterday, he was much worse on Monday, but is mending well and rather quickly.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Party time!

What a week. Xander was sung Happy Birthday 4 times. First at mainly music when he was given a small gift, then at library playgroup and again at friday playgroup where he had a small party as well.

On his birthday woke to find balloons hanging in his door way. He jumped into bed with us and opened two presents, a wiggles blanket from Esmee and a talk and sing Murray (red wiggle) from us. He loved them! He went swimming with Daddy then after his sleep he awoke to find Nanna, Grandad, Uncle Matt and Jenny here.

He opened more presents to reveal a Hogwarts Express model train and lots of track and some stations. Alan is going to be busy building this model railway for Xander!
2:30 arrived bringing with it lots of friends and party fun. Scoffing marshmellows and cheerios he greeted everyone with a joyful Hello and they all ran around outside when Alan started making bubbles. What a great time they all had.

Esmee didn't want to miss out on all the fun so was awake for the whole party (little monkey) but she looked lovely in her yellow outfit, courtesy of Aunty Angelina.

Xander looked great in his outfit - he definately looked 2! I can't believe he is growing so quickly.
Thank you everyone for the wonderful presents and for helping us celebrate Xander's 2nd birthday.

Monday, November 05, 2007

What's up?

I thought i should let you all know that our baby sleeps 11 hours at night now! she doesn't wake until about 6am for her feed. Now that i've told everyone she will change her routine but that's okay, i'm getting heaps of sleep with is great!

We found Xander in our bed on Saturday night. He'd climbed out of his bed and crawled into ours without us knowing! There he was when we went to bed, so cute lying on his daddy's side.
A friend at Playgroup has given us 6 bags of clothes for Esmee so we won't be needing to buy clothes about a year - except if we find there are necessary items we need to get, eg singlets, but how great is that - only downside, they are all pink so whatever i do buy will be in reds and greens as these suit her hair colouring anyway.

No photos as our batteries have died and we have to buy new ones, sorry

My novel is coming along a bit slower than expected but it should pick up once i am more into it. I have to stop being a perfectionist and just get it written, i can perfect it when editing. Easier said than done.