Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Party.

Xander went to Kayley's birthday party on Sunday.
It started out sunny but clouded over quickly and alternated between cold and warm. He had fun in the sandpit and on the see-saw with Michaela.

Nita had a great time with Esmee while i supervised the kids outside.
Xander started to not feel himself, he had a slightly red eye and i thought he had sand in it or something, but when he refused cake i knew he wasn't feeling well.
Monday he woke with big red puffy eyes that were all gunked up and weeping, his nose was constantly streaming as well. He had a temperature and sat of the couch looking miserable most of the day. We finally took him to the doctor and he said he has picked up a virus of some sort and it was contaigous - just what i needed to hear with a new baby and after all the parties we'd had!This is him yesterday, he was much worse on Monday, but is mending well and rather quickly.

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