Monday, November 05, 2007

What's up?

I thought i should let you all know that our baby sleeps 11 hours at night now! she doesn't wake until about 6am for her feed. Now that i've told everyone she will change her routine but that's okay, i'm getting heaps of sleep with is great!

We found Xander in our bed on Saturday night. He'd climbed out of his bed and crawled into ours without us knowing! There he was when we went to bed, so cute lying on his daddy's side.
A friend at Playgroup has given us 6 bags of clothes for Esmee so we won't be needing to buy clothes about a year - except if we find there are necessary items we need to get, eg singlets, but how great is that - only downside, they are all pink so whatever i do buy will be in reds and greens as these suit her hair colouring anyway.

No photos as our batteries have died and we have to buy new ones, sorry

My novel is coming along a bit slower than expected but it should pick up once i am more into it. I have to stop being a perfectionist and just get it written, i can perfect it when editing. Easier said than done.

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Constance said...

Heya Kerrin!

wow! she really is a very cute little baby and i have no reason to be biased. She looks really sweet. 11 hours of sleep a night must be so fantastic.

anyway i'm off on a plane to Spain in about 2 hours so had better go and pack up things.

keep posting and give huggles to all