Friday, December 21, 2007

Playgroup Christmas party

Today was the final playgroup session for the year and it was a special one.
There was Christmas music, a bouncy castle, lots of food.

Xander found the lolly bowl and as i was feeding Esmee couldn't stop him and he devoured the whole lot! At least he got to burn off most of the sugar in the bouncy castle and then in the little cars.Santa arrived bearing presents for everyone and when it was Xander's turn he was afraid. I had to go up with him so didn't get a photo. Esmee got a gift too, a ball with a little bell in it.

As some of the toys are too big to store them for the summer we have taken home the slide and Xander is delighted. He will get lots of use out of it over January when we come back from holiday.

Look i can grab it!

Monday, December 17, 2007

3 Months old

Our little lady is three months old!
To celebrate? She got her shots. How mean are we?!! She understandably cried through the whole thing and for the 20 minutes we have to wait in the waiting room afterwards. She slept for 3 hours after that but didn't sleep for the rest of the day.
It was so hot today we all suffered.

Thursday we had Esmee's 3 month plunket check. To my horror i found Esmee has only gained 200gms in six weeks. She was only 4.8kg. She grew 2cms in length and 1.5cms in head circumference but not much weight gain. I had noticed that she would feed for about 2 minutes and then just be sucking and she wasn't sleeping very much during the day (still sleeps all night!). The heat (and the fact i kept forgetting to drink heaps!) had affected my milk and she hadn't been getting enough. Terrible mum moment. I was promptly advised to drink lots more and given instructions to get some lactation drops from a naturapath. Two days later the milk was flowing nicely and Esmee seemed heaps happier. I have been half waking her when we go to bed and giving her a top up then too (guiltily hoping this will make up for not feeding her enough!).
Today she had to be weighed for the correct amount of immunisations and she weighed 5.28kg. Almost half a kilo in 4 days! Yey, back to feeling like a good mum again.

Jealousy Bites

Jealousy has reared it's ugly head. For the first three months Xander has loved every minute of Esmee. Recently, or the past two weeks, he has become a bit more uncontrollable and has started asking for Esmee to be put in the rocker while i am feeding her or burping her. He has usually loved sharing his bath with her; until last night. He decided she had had enough and when i wasn't quick enough to get her out, he tried to push my arm away from holding her, when i wouldn't let go he tried to push her away. Much to her displeasure (she started screaming) Esmee was whipped out of the bath and he was held back by his father. Other times as soon as i took Esmee out of the bath he would start to climb out calling for me to dry and dress him. Problem solved tonight: we bathed Esmee in the baby bath and Alan bought her her own rubber ducky (Xander didn't like her playing with his!).
At other times he loves showing her his toys and they delighted in looking together at the toys on the play gym. So cute. We are trying to include him with many of our activities with Esmee and quality one on one time. Today was a much better day.

On a happier note, Xander has relished the time with Alan as he has been on holiday these last two weeks. They have been kicking the ball, playing in the pool, playing with the water toy... and yesterday Xander ran around for the afternoon with no nappy. Suddenly he called out to Alan "pee pee potty", he was promptly presented with it and there he sat until "brown poos!". Xander did his first poo in the potty. It was great and he was so proud of himself.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alan, Potty and Listening

How many two year olds do you know who know their father's name and constantly calls him by it? Xander is always calling "Alan, Alan, Alan." until he answers. Alan has tried not replying until Xander says Dad, but lately he hasn't been saying it at all!
We think he is so clever. He recognises the letters, X, O and S.
He has become very independent, always saying "Dander do it." so he is trying very hard to grow up quickly which is apparently a sign he is ready for toilet training but we are letting him go at his own pace and not pushing it.
The other day he told us he wanted to go potty and he pulled his pants down and ripped off his nappy and off we trotted to the bathroom where he gleefully did "lower" pee pee!
We have started a reward chart to see if it helps with his listening, eating his dinner and to encourage his using the potty. He loves putting the stickers on.

When he doesn't do as he is told we count to three and then he is put in his room for time out if he doesn't comply. As soon as we get to two he starts to whine but doesn't budge until we have said three and are carrying him to his room! He is learning though, and likes holding on to Esmee's carpod when we go out and so far this week we have had no running away!

12 weeks old

What a delightful little girl we have. She is all smiles and has even started to laugh.
She doesn't like lying down in the bath, preferring to sit up and watch what Xander is doing and last night she splashed the water with her hand and touched the little ball a few times and giggled in delight.
She is still sleeping through the night and has improved on her napping during the day.
She has rolled over twice and is getting very strong with her neck holding it up nice and high.
I don't know her weight and length as yet, we have plunket check up tomorrow.

She adores her brother and doesn't seem to mind if he is a little bit rough in his attention, she still follows him with her eyes and fusses if she can hear but not see him!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

What a wonderful few days....

On Monday it was really hot so Esmee got to wear a dress. When we went vege shopping Xander put his beads around her neck and said "nice".

Tuesday the weather was just gorgeous. We had a picnic lunch out of the back lawn. Esmee didn't sleep very much during the day (only two hours!) and cried for most of it. Despite being really tired she still managed to give good smiles and had some tummy time looking at Xander's cars.

After dinner and Esmee was finally asleep in bed we put the Christmas tree up and Xander loved putting the decorations on the tree.

Wednesday was a much better day despite turning to rain around lunch time. Esmee caught up on her sleep by having a three hour sleep and two 1.5 hour ones. She even managed to roll over! I have been real slack with tummy time and was shocked when she rolled over. She is really strong and loves looking at the toys in front of her, she is even trying to touch them!

Xander has finally cut his top two molars but they have only just broken through so more pain and discomfort is in store until they are completely through.
My darlings, both having had great sleeps lay in my bed and allowed me to take some nice pictures of the two of them. Esmee has such a gorgeous smile and Xander is just plain funny!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Fun day

Here is Xander reading his wiggles shapes book to himself, it is a bit noisy as the diggers were going.

Here he is singing Twinkle Twinkle, he touches his nose becuase i have always touched it at that part in the song.

My Babies

Xander has discovered the joy of playdoh, or should i say chopping playdoh and we have it all over the floor at least twice a day. We made a little snowman out of 'doh and he pulled up his top and informed me he was giving the man a feed! just like i do with Esmee.

He is talking in 2 and 3 words sentences now and loves to tell us what he has done all day.
He has also finally discovered Winnie the pooh. He loves watching Piglets big movie and the Tigger movie. The other day while watching Piglet he suddenly burst into tears because piglet was crying and didn't want to have a bath - it was so sweet!
My darlings sat very nicely on my bed for me to take a lovely photo. So cute.

Esmee sleeps all night and has done for a good few weeks, it's so nice to have a good sleep. She is very smiley and loves to chat.

She especially loves to watch what Xander is doing. We think she looks a little like a pixie, in this photo it is very clear, don't you think?