Monday, December 17, 2007

3 Months old

Our little lady is three months old!
To celebrate? She got her shots. How mean are we?!! She understandably cried through the whole thing and for the 20 minutes we have to wait in the waiting room afterwards. She slept for 3 hours after that but didn't sleep for the rest of the day.
It was so hot today we all suffered.

Thursday we had Esmee's 3 month plunket check. To my horror i found Esmee has only gained 200gms in six weeks. She was only 4.8kg. She grew 2cms in length and 1.5cms in head circumference but not much weight gain. I had noticed that she would feed for about 2 minutes and then just be sucking and she wasn't sleeping very much during the day (still sleeps all night!). The heat (and the fact i kept forgetting to drink heaps!) had affected my milk and she hadn't been getting enough. Terrible mum moment. I was promptly advised to drink lots more and given instructions to get some lactation drops from a naturapath. Two days later the milk was flowing nicely and Esmee seemed heaps happier. I have been half waking her when we go to bed and giving her a top up then too (guiltily hoping this will make up for not feeding her enough!).
Today she had to be weighed for the correct amount of immunisations and she weighed 5.28kg. Almost half a kilo in 4 days! Yey, back to feeling like a good mum again.

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