Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alan, Potty and Listening

How many two year olds do you know who know their father's name and constantly calls him by it? Xander is always calling "Alan, Alan, Alan." until he answers. Alan has tried not replying until Xander says Dad, but lately he hasn't been saying it at all!
We think he is so clever. He recognises the letters, X, O and S.
He has become very independent, always saying "Dander do it." so he is trying very hard to grow up quickly which is apparently a sign he is ready for toilet training but we are letting him go at his own pace and not pushing it.
The other day he told us he wanted to go potty and he pulled his pants down and ripped off his nappy and off we trotted to the bathroom where he gleefully did "lower" pee pee!
We have started a reward chart to see if it helps with his listening, eating his dinner and to encourage his using the potty. He loves putting the stickers on.

When he doesn't do as he is told we count to three and then he is put in his room for time out if he doesn't comply. As soon as we get to two he starts to whine but doesn't budge until we have said three and are carrying him to his room! He is learning though, and likes holding on to Esmee's carpod when we go out and so far this week we have had no running away!

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