Monday, December 17, 2007

Jealousy Bites

Jealousy has reared it's ugly head. For the first three months Xander has loved every minute of Esmee. Recently, or the past two weeks, he has become a bit more uncontrollable and has started asking for Esmee to be put in the rocker while i am feeding her or burping her. He has usually loved sharing his bath with her; until last night. He decided she had had enough and when i wasn't quick enough to get her out, he tried to push my arm away from holding her, when i wouldn't let go he tried to push her away. Much to her displeasure (she started screaming) Esmee was whipped out of the bath and he was held back by his father. Other times as soon as i took Esmee out of the bath he would start to climb out calling for me to dry and dress him. Problem solved tonight: we bathed Esmee in the baby bath and Alan bought her her own rubber ducky (Xander didn't like her playing with his!).
At other times he loves showing her his toys and they delighted in looking together at the toys on the play gym. So cute. We are trying to include him with many of our activities with Esmee and quality one on one time. Today was a much better day.

On a happier note, Xander has relished the time with Alan as he has been on holiday these last two weeks. They have been kicking the ball, playing in the pool, playing with the water toy... and yesterday Xander ran around for the afternoon with no nappy. Suddenly he called out to Alan "pee pee potty", he was promptly presented with it and there he sat until "brown poos!". Xander did his first poo in the potty. It was great and he was so proud of himself.

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