Monday, December 03, 2007

My Babies

Xander has discovered the joy of playdoh, or should i say chopping playdoh and we have it all over the floor at least twice a day. We made a little snowman out of 'doh and he pulled up his top and informed me he was giving the man a feed! just like i do with Esmee.

He is talking in 2 and 3 words sentences now and loves to tell us what he has done all day.
He has also finally discovered Winnie the pooh. He loves watching Piglets big movie and the Tigger movie. The other day while watching Piglet he suddenly burst into tears because piglet was crying and didn't want to have a bath - it was so sweet!
My darlings sat very nicely on my bed for me to take a lovely photo. So cute.

Esmee sleeps all night and has done for a good few weeks, it's so nice to have a good sleep. She is very smiley and loves to chat.

She especially loves to watch what Xander is doing. We think she looks a little like a pixie, in this photo it is very clear, don't you think?


Lulu said...

Esmee has great hair!

Constance said...

I approve of the "pixie"

nice to see you are all doing so well. We are back from holidays in Europe and i have jsut sat down to catch up with your blog, which i havn't read in a few weeks. (sorry)

Happy New Year,