Friday, December 21, 2007

Playgroup Christmas party

Today was the final playgroup session for the year and it was a special one.
There was Christmas music, a bouncy castle, lots of food.

Xander found the lolly bowl and as i was feeding Esmee couldn't stop him and he devoured the whole lot! At least he got to burn off most of the sugar in the bouncy castle and then in the little cars.Santa arrived bearing presents for everyone and when it was Xander's turn he was afraid. I had to go up with him so didn't get a photo. Esmee got a gift too, a ball with a little bell in it.

As some of the toys are too big to store them for the summer we have taken home the slide and Xander is delighted. He will get lots of use out of it over January when we come back from holiday.

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Lillybud said...

Hey guys have a wonderful holiday! Will make more of a effort to catch up with you guys in the new year! Looks like little Esmee has grown heaps since i last saw her! Will flik ya a txt once bubs makes his appearance :) Merry xmas and be safe on the roads! :)