Thursday, December 06, 2007

What a wonderful few days....

On Monday it was really hot so Esmee got to wear a dress. When we went vege shopping Xander put his beads around her neck and said "nice".

Tuesday the weather was just gorgeous. We had a picnic lunch out of the back lawn. Esmee didn't sleep very much during the day (only two hours!) and cried for most of it. Despite being really tired she still managed to give good smiles and had some tummy time looking at Xander's cars.

After dinner and Esmee was finally asleep in bed we put the Christmas tree up and Xander loved putting the decorations on the tree.

Wednesday was a much better day despite turning to rain around lunch time. Esmee caught up on her sleep by having a three hour sleep and two 1.5 hour ones. She even managed to roll over! I have been real slack with tummy time and was shocked when she rolled over. She is really strong and loves looking at the toys in front of her, she is even trying to touch them!

Xander has finally cut his top two molars but they have only just broken through so more pain and discomfort is in store until they are completely through.
My darlings, both having had great sleeps lay in my bed and allowed me to take some nice pictures of the two of them. Esmee has such a gorgeous smile and Xander is just plain funny!

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