Monday, January 07, 2008

Beach Holiday

After catching a few boxing day sales - which was was crazy as The Base was packed! - we jumped in the car and drove to Whangamata for a 10 day holiday.
It was so lovely.
Xander and Esmee enjoyed having all of Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angelina's attention. Every morning when Esmee was awake Xander climbed on the couch to have a chat - they loved it spending time together!
Xander wasn't too keen on the water, but had fun splashing in the surf and playing in the sand, swimming in the pool at the bach, playing the turtle game and eating lots.

Poor thing was sick for the first 4-5 days we were there and slept heaps and hardly ate, but he made up for it when he felt better.

Henny, Angelina and I hit the markets and i bought Esmee a gorgeous green dress - Alan is still deciding if he likes it! She didn't enjoy the water so much but loved squishing her toes in the wet sand. Poor thing started teething, and she's only 3.5 months old! Our little lady also found her voice - she squeals and is very loud.

I got heaps of writing done which was great - i am now over half way to finishing my novel!
Alan loved the surf (as always :)) and spent most of the ten days in his boardies.
Nita and Michaela came over for a night and had a great time. Xander loved having a friend to share his pool with.Luckily none of us came home with sunburn which i am very pleased about!

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Anonymous said...

Little Esmee is so cute with her talking to you!