Monday, January 14, 2008

Changing Rooms

We had a massive tidy up over the weekend. Well not too massive.
We shifted Xander into the spare room - the room he calls "nanna's room", and put Esmee into Xander's room in the cot.
We had to sort out the junk in the spare room and have managed to clear out a lot and it is in the garage until we can take it to the dump. Lots of clothes and toys we are taking to salvation army.
The rooms look really good.
Xander has most of his toys in there now and the easle he got for christmas. Also the fabulous new duvet cover from Granny and Grandpa. We put alphabet and number cards up on the wall today, hopefully this will help him with his numbers and letters - he's already very bright, why not make him more so!!
My baby looks so little in the cot, but she doesn't wake during the night so it was pointless having her in our room. Don't worry we haven't gotten rid of the bassinet, it is in Esmee's room in the corner. When we have to take it out of the room Alan is going to pull it apart to store it in the garage. Of course Xander can't stay out of there and has to see what new things are in his "old" room.

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