Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Esmee is trying to roll over from her back to her stomach. She hates rolling from her tummy to back and just cries until i roll her myself - i try to let her do it but she gets so upset!

Luckily i have put the safety sleep on her bed as i have found her a few times half rolled over.
Today she woke up and Xander heard her squeaking so went to investigate. I soon heard giggles from both of them. Xander was playing peek a boo much to Esmee's delight, he did it again in the bath and she soaked it up!She only has eyes for Xander when he is around - he's her idol and i can see her following him everywhere when she is older.

Esmee is also trying to sit by herself. I lay her half prone and she tries so hard to pull herself all the way up to sit. It won't be long before she does it as i can let go when she is sitting and she sits there for two seconds before falling forwards or sideways.

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