Monday, February 04, 2008

He's a big Kid now!

This morning was Xander's first day at Kindy. He was really excited about wearing his new yellow bag and using his new lunchbag.
We got to Kindy and he immediately started climbing over all the outside toys, and down the slide. He didn't want to sit still at mat time and then got stuck into the painting, which is when Esmee and i left him to it.

I rang half an hour after i left and he'd had a little grizzle but was happy when the teacher told him i would be back after he has had morning tea and another play.
My little man really is growing up - this is the start of his formal education. I know it will be good for him, but i couldn't help the few tears i shed on the way home without him!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, that's sooo cool, I hope he enjoys it!
Karina Green