Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love it in Wellington

The plane trip was really good - both kids were well behaved with no tears. Esmee loved looking at everyone and Xander was chatting with the lady in front of him.
The first thing Xander said when we landed was "Nanna and Grandad." When he saw them he was so excited and talked a mile a minute.
When we got home he washed grandad's car
and his bike. He just loved the hose!
He then got to see Grandad's trains. It was so cool, he even saw Thomas!

Esmee has been wreathed in smiles from wake to sleep - more than her normal smiley self, she is loving the attention. She rolls to her tummy at every available opportunity and i've caught her a time or two trying it in her bed! She had been having a bottle and solids every night from a different person and is just loving it, sleeping every morning until 6.30!

Today we went and had lunch with Nanna in town and then went and saw Opa. Xander was so excited to see him and Esmee was all smiles. She particularly loved touching his hands, she was fascinated. Xander just wanted to talk talk talk, but unfortunately Opa didn't hear most of it but he was very happy to see the kids.Nanna and Grandad and Jenny have been treated to dinner on the table as soon as they come home. They are enjoying the time with Xander,

and Xander is eating most of his dinner only when Grandad tells him to - i think he is slightly afraid of being growled at by him, which he hasn't been. He just loves his Grandad!

Xander gave us a bit of a fright tonight. I was cooking dinner and Xander was sitting on the front steps waiting for Nanna and Grandad to get home. I looked up and he was gone. i ran outside calling his name, but no reply, i looked down the street and couldn't see him. Nanna and Grandad arrived and i ran inside to check the rooms, he wasn't there. Dad took off in the car to search the street, mum ran next door to see if he was looking for the new kitten, i raced round the back and there he was giggling sitting at the table in the gazebo. Well i burst into tears of relief and he soon joined me. I never again want to feel that fear. It was terrible.

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