Thursday, February 28, 2008

Windy Wellington

Today we went into town and visited Alan's nanna. She was so pleased to see the kids and thought Esmee was just gorgeous. Of course she couldn't keep her eyes of her great grandson either!
We then had lunch with my Aunty Pauline and cousin-in-law Maria, which was lovely.

We came home and Esmee and I had a nice sleep while Jenny looked after Xander - he refused to have more than 20 minutes sleep! I woke to him crying and he had slipped over on the driveway and cut his lip.
My friend Joanne came round for a visit and adored our children - who wouldn't!

Mum and i went to the movies last night and left Dad and Jenny to babysit. It was so nice to go out and the kids were just awesome going to sleep quickly and without a fuss.

Esmee is rolling all day long now - but only going to the right so i have to work on the other way too.
Xander is missing Alan heaps, he told me we were going home now to see daddy. poor thing.

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