Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally, RAIN!!!

With some rain finally falling in hot dry Hamilton, Xander was out in his gumboots and raincoat looking for puddles - there were no puddles as all the water was being soaked up as soon as it touched the ground, but he was having fun so i didn't have the heart to tell him!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nanna's visit

After a lovely weekend in Taupo over Easter, Nanna came home with us for a week.
Both Esmee and Xander loved having Nanna wedged between them in the car!! Poor Nanna.
We took Nanna to the movies, and showed her the toys at playgroup.

She watched Xander swimming on Saturday morning before flying home. Apparently he is swimming by himself - what a clever wee man we have! and the teacher was using him as an example (of course she just adores him and every week asks if she can take him home!).
Nanna did lots of cleaning - why do the grandmothers always come to clean? must mean i'm not a very good housekeeper - oh well i already knew that!
Xander made sure Nanna knew how much he loves her and told her everyday, he also played his guitar for her!Nanna also took us shopping and we stocked up on winter clothes for Xander and some for me too - thanks Nanna.
Esmee and Xander just adored having Nanna here, i was grateful for the company and all the help! When Nanna has recovered from the exhaustion we hope she comes back soon!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter in Taupo

Alan was dieing to go fishing so off we went and joined Nanna and Grandad in Taupo for easter weekend.
The kids were so excited to spend lots of time with Nanna and Grandad, and then Uncle Matt.
Xander played with Matt,
helped Jenny do the gardens, washed Grandad's car,
terrorised Nanna's goldfish in the pond by throwing rocks into it!
swimming in the pool,
helping dad fix Grandad's outside table and chairs - he was a very busy little man.
For a bit of a quieter moment, he took Jack for a nice swing, so lovely.

Esmee did lots of talking, chewing, spinning in circles on the floor and heaps of smiles and giggles.
She is now playing peek-a-boo. she holds up a towel and then pulls it down and grins, it is too cute!

We went out with Granny and Grandpa and Aunty Angelina for dinner and Esmee was delighted to join us at the table by sitting nicely next to Xander and Granny. Xander had a huge dinner of chicken nuggets and a chocolate sundae and he remembered to thank the waiter - so polite!

The kids were very lucky and got some toys for easter in lieu of chocolate from Nanna, Grandad and Jenny. And Xander got heaps of chocolate from Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angelina.

On Sunday i took the kids on the boat with Nanna and Grandad. What a lovely day and the water was beautiful. Grandad showed Esmee how to be Captain, and Xander loved watching the water.

Monday, March 17, 2008

six months already!!!

Our little smiler is now six months.
Esmee now weighs 6.7 kg and is mostly sitting by herself - for the last week she has been starting to do it and does it quite well with a pillow at the small of her back. The other day she sat for 2 minutes not touching anything so she's almost there!

Her hair is as red as ever and when she is angry (it's not that often!) her temper is a true testament to match her hair colour!
She is getting cuter and bigger everyday - now in size OO, i've had to unhappily put her cute outfits away and bring out the bigger clothes.

She adores Xander and talks to him all day - it's a pity he's so young and ignores her cos it is so cute how she tries to get his attention!
She is totally fascinated with the cat too - watches her very closely and when she's close enough makes a grab for her fur! poor Rascal, i have noticed she stays as far away from Esmee as is possible.

Esmee picks up toys and deliberately shakes them to see if they make a noise and yesterday i saw her throw one down repeatedly and pick it back up again.
Watch out if she is on your knee when eating - her little hand is very strong and you may find your food veering to her mouth!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Donkey Farm

Today we went to the Donkey Farm with Kindy.
After getting lost, even after following a friend who knew where they were going, we arrived. It was very hot so i slathered sunscreen and hats on the kids and joined the others in the line for a ride on the donkey.
Xander loved it, he even said thank you to the lady and the donkey.
After morning tea - where i had to chase after Xander and keep him away from the pond, while feeding Esmee and changing nappies - Xander played on the toys that were available and had a marvelous time. He got to feed ducks, but didn't want to feed the sheep, he walked a Shetland Pony, rode in a carriage, and a cart with Isla, Eden's sister.
Then it was finally time to come home. After being in the hot sun and chasing after an energetic and deaf toddler while carrying Esmee in the front pack was very exhausting.
At least he had a good time.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Serious Business

Catching up with the toy sale while attending to equally serious business!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Last days

Matthew came home from Taupo early and came out for the afternoon on Sunday. Xander dominated his attention until he went to bed, calling very clearly, "Matthew."
He loved that his Uncle read to him too - books are his favourite thing at the moment - apart from morning tea!

Xander delighted in changing Jack's nappy and we just had to put on him for it be more real.

While having a bath Xander had heaps of fun with the five yellow ducks that Nanna had, they had hairties around their necks and Xander very carefully took them off and put them back on again - then he asked for them to be put in his hair - doesn't he look lovely!

Esmee delighted her Uncle, he couldn't stop watching her. When she is very sociable and cheeky who can resist??

Monday we went and had a look round Te Papa and took Xander to the whale exhibit.
After walking all afternoon round the museum we were all a bit tired when we got to the airport, only to find out our plane was delayed another half hour. Three nappy changes for Esmee (and a change of clothes!), two lots of dinner and lots of running around after Xander later, we boarded the plane at 7pm. A very humorous pilot, a sleeping Esmee and a very good Xander made for a pleasant flight home. And there waiting for us was Daddy! Xander was so excited and Esmee took a few minutes of careful study before beaming in delight. It's always nice to be home after a nice holiday.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


On Friday Nanna got to spend the day with us - yey!
We went and saw my Nanna and Grandad and we got some lovely pictures.

On the way home we popped in to see Grandad at his work. Xander loved helping the receptionist with her work - especially getting in the box.
Esmee didn't get enough sleep and was so ratty. She finally fell asleep at 9pm and Xander wasn't far behind at 9.30.

We had a bbq today. Our friends and family came round and i got to show off my babies.
Xander didn't want a sleep and was knackered by 5 and was in bed at 6pm, after a fun bath with a very happy Granny!
Earlier he watched a few movies with the girls and ate lots of chippies and rode his bike.
Esmee had a little ride on the bike too - thought it was really cool.

She loved all the attention, especially from the men!

(Louise's boyfriend Justin.)

(Grandad's caught big time!)

It was wonderful to catch up with my friends.
Sorry if we didn't get to visit with you this time, perhaps next time.

Xander is really missing his daddy, this morning he asked "We go home now. See Daddy." So it will be wonderful when we get home as Daddy is missing him too!