Friday, March 07, 2008

Donkey Farm

Today we went to the Donkey Farm with Kindy.
After getting lost, even after following a friend who knew where they were going, we arrived. It was very hot so i slathered sunscreen and hats on the kids and joined the others in the line for a ride on the donkey.
Xander loved it, he even said thank you to the lady and the donkey.
After morning tea - where i had to chase after Xander and keep him away from the pond, while feeding Esmee and changing nappies - Xander played on the toys that were available and had a marvelous time. He got to feed ducks, but didn't want to feed the sheep, he walked a Shetland Pony, rode in a carriage, and a cart with Isla, Eden's sister.
Then it was finally time to come home. After being in the hot sun and chasing after an energetic and deaf toddler while carrying Esmee in the front pack was very exhausting.
At least he had a good time.


Anonymous said...

He certainly looks as if he enjoyed himself. It looks like he was the dominant one, He will go far our little lad.


Anonymous said...

Hello Xander

my friends love the photo of you sitting on the donkey you are so cute, it sounds like you had lots of fun at the farm with your kindy friends.


Mum said...

he had a great time and is exhausted - he is fighting having another sleep but he has the biggest dark circles ever so really needs to!

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