Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter in Taupo

Alan was dieing to go fishing so off we went and joined Nanna and Grandad in Taupo for easter weekend.
The kids were so excited to spend lots of time with Nanna and Grandad, and then Uncle Matt.
Xander played with Matt,
helped Jenny do the gardens, washed Grandad's car,
terrorised Nanna's goldfish in the pond by throwing rocks into it!
swimming in the pool,
helping dad fix Grandad's outside table and chairs - he was a very busy little man.
For a bit of a quieter moment, he took Jack for a nice swing, so lovely.

Esmee did lots of talking, chewing, spinning in circles on the floor and heaps of smiles and giggles.
She is now playing peek-a-boo. she holds up a towel and then pulls it down and grins, it is too cute!

We went out with Granny and Grandpa and Aunty Angelina for dinner and Esmee was delighted to join us at the table by sitting nicely next to Xander and Granny. Xander had a huge dinner of chicken nuggets and a chocolate sundae and he remembered to thank the waiter - so polite!

The kids were very lucky and got some toys for easter in lieu of chocolate from Nanna, Grandad and Jenny. And Xander got heaps of chocolate from Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Angelina.

On Sunday i took the kids on the boat with Nanna and Grandad. What a lovely day and the water was beautiful. Grandad showed Esmee how to be Captain, and Xander loved watching the water.

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