Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Last days

Matthew came home from Taupo early and came out for the afternoon on Sunday. Xander dominated his attention until he went to bed, calling very clearly, "Matthew."
He loved that his Uncle read to him too - books are his favourite thing at the moment - apart from morning tea!

Xander delighted in changing Jack's nappy and we just had to put on him for it be more real.

While having a bath Xander had heaps of fun with the five yellow ducks that Nanna had, they had hairties around their necks and Xander very carefully took them off and put them back on again - then he asked for them to be put in his hair - doesn't he look lovely!

Esmee delighted her Uncle, he couldn't stop watching her. When she is very sociable and cheeky who can resist??

Monday we went and had a look round Te Papa and took Xander to the whale exhibit.
After walking all afternoon round the museum we were all a bit tired when we got to the airport, only to find out our plane was delayed another half hour. Three nappy changes for Esmee (and a change of clothes!), two lots of dinner and lots of running around after Xander later, we boarded the plane at 7pm. A very humorous pilot, a sleeping Esmee and a very good Xander made for a pleasant flight home. And there waiting for us was Daddy! Xander was so excited and Esmee took a few minutes of careful study before beaming in delight. It's always nice to be home after a nice holiday.


Anonymous said...

I watch this blog everyday.
Matthew !!
Hi,This is Naomi.
Do you remember me?

Xander is very cute!
Esmee is beutiful!

lot of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi

We will never forget you.We were extremely proud and honoured to have you with us those few weeks many years ago.

We do hope everything is going well for you.

We had a wonderful time last week with our Grandkids

Grandad Dave

Anonymous said...

Dear Dad


I will forget you too!!
I Love your family forever.

Thank you very much.

Your Grandkids are so cute!!