Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nanna's visit

After a lovely weekend in Taupo over Easter, Nanna came home with us for a week.
Both Esmee and Xander loved having Nanna wedged between them in the car!! Poor Nanna.
We took Nanna to the movies, and showed her the toys at playgroup.

She watched Xander swimming on Saturday morning before flying home. Apparently he is swimming by himself - what a clever wee man we have! and the teacher was using him as an example (of course she just adores him and every week asks if she can take him home!).
Nanna did lots of cleaning - why do the grandmothers always come to clean? must mean i'm not a very good housekeeper - oh well i already knew that!
Xander made sure Nanna knew how much he loves her and told her everyday, he also played his guitar for her!Nanna also took us shopping and we stocked up on winter clothes for Xander and some for me too - thanks Nanna.
Esmee and Xander just adored having Nanna here, i was grateful for the company and all the help! When Nanna has recovered from the exhaustion we hope she comes back soon!

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed my stay with you Kerrin. Enjoyed my play with Xander and Esme and feeding her. Alan was good to me also. He gave good comments on the clohes that I bought Xander. I am over my exhaustion now and will come back and stay soon. It was really hot there and could not sleep well at night even with the fan going. Grandad, Matt and Jenny enjoyed the pictures that you drew for them Xander and also enjoyed the lovely paintings that I bought home that you did at kindy. Keep them coming. See you in two weeks.

Mum and Nanna.