Monday, March 17, 2008

six months already!!!

Our little smiler is now six months.
Esmee now weighs 6.7 kg and is mostly sitting by herself - for the last week she has been starting to do it and does it quite well with a pillow at the small of her back. The other day she sat for 2 minutes not touching anything so she's almost there!

Her hair is as red as ever and when she is angry (it's not that often!) her temper is a true testament to match her hair colour!
She is getting cuter and bigger everyday - now in size OO, i've had to unhappily put her cute outfits away and bring out the bigger clothes.

She adores Xander and talks to him all day - it's a pity he's so young and ignores her cos it is so cute how she tries to get his attention!
She is totally fascinated with the cat too - watches her very closely and when she's close enough makes a grab for her fur! poor Rascal, i have noticed she stays as far away from Esmee as is possible.

Esmee picks up toys and deliberately shakes them to see if they make a noise and yesterday i saw her throw one down repeatedly and pick it back up again.
Watch out if she is on your knee when eating - her little hand is very strong and you may find your food veering to her mouth!


Lillybud said...

Awww she is such a cutie!!! And man Eli isnt even three months and is weighing over 6kgs my lil budda. cant believe she is 6months already!

Anonymous said...

Esmee is beutiful
Shinnosuke is 10months (ma son)

Constance said...

I know every parent thinks their child is cute, but take it from me, Esmee is a little cutie pie.