Saturday, March 01, 2008


On Friday Nanna got to spend the day with us - yey!
We went and saw my Nanna and Grandad and we got some lovely pictures.

On the way home we popped in to see Grandad at his work. Xander loved helping the receptionist with her work - especially getting in the box.
Esmee didn't get enough sleep and was so ratty. She finally fell asleep at 9pm and Xander wasn't far behind at 9.30.

We had a bbq today. Our friends and family came round and i got to show off my babies.
Xander didn't want a sleep and was knackered by 5 and was in bed at 6pm, after a fun bath with a very happy Granny!
Earlier he watched a few movies with the girls and ate lots of chippies and rode his bike.
Esmee had a little ride on the bike too - thought it was really cool.

She loved all the attention, especially from the men!

(Louise's boyfriend Justin.)

(Grandad's caught big time!)

It was wonderful to catch up with my friends.
Sorry if we didn't get to visit with you this time, perhaps next time.

Xander is really missing his daddy, this morning he asked "We go home now. See Daddy." So it will be wonderful when we get home as Daddy is missing him too!


Anonymous said...

My weeee Girl helping Grandad in the FPV Club website

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, who is helping who.

Mum said...

it's more like your weeee girl is gloating that she has you in the palm of her hand - look at the doting look on grandad's face!