Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a Pirate Party!

Ahoy there me hearties! We went to a joint Pirate Birthday party for three boys from Playgroup who turned 3. Held at the YMCA the kids got to run around, climb, jump and eat to their hearts content!I had forgotten to get a costume for Xander but he didn't care. Esmee sat looking pretty with the other babies - though you could see she really wanted to join in with the bigger kids.

Xander didn't eat too much, seeing as the party was at our usual nap time i wasn't too surprised, but Esmee enjoyed the mini sausage!
There was room for cake though (well the icing anyway) and what a cake it was!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How many can you do?

Xander can do 5 weetbix!
Esmee does 1/2. And Alan assures me he could do 8!
Personally i can't stand Weetbix so i don't count.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our little Cuties!

Esmee gets some breakfast entertainment from her one and only hero!

Esmee is the doting mother and feeds her baby,

while Xander rocks her nicely to sleep!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What more can a man want?

I knew there was a reason other than the cars for Alan and Dad to go to the V8s!
The kids and i got to spend lots of time with Nanna and joined Alan and Grandad and the rest of the Ford Club for a bbq each night.
Seeing as it is Grandad's birthday on the 23rd Xander and I made him a cake and sang happy birthday and then cooked him a yummy roast for Sunday dinner.
Not a bad weekend.

Paulownia Farm Park

On a cold and frosty morning playgroup had an outing to a farm. Xander desperately wanted to ride the ponies but they weren't being ridden this time.
He got to see some Belted Galloways, touch a white fluffy duck, watch the chickens being fed (he was too slow to be one of the feeders!), and the goats.

We all sat down and had a lovely morning tea, as it suddenly got very hot and the kids were dressed for a cold day - oh well.

After washing our hands we got to pretend we were ponies, which was heaps of fun, trotting galloping and going on the seesaw. Then we watched the ponies do it for real.

Maybe we will go for Xander's birthday so he can ride a pony!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

7 months old

Wow, seven months. Esmee is sitting by herself, has three solid meals a day, has a tooth and last night had her first tooth brushing experience!

She is trying to crawl but hasn't quite got to her knees yet and has managed to push herself backwards and round in circles, she tries valiantly to get what she wants, she stretches and you can see her toes pushing into the carpet!
She loves mainly music and waved at one of the girls who said hello to her yesterday. too cute.


Monday, April 07, 2008

Bang Bang Bang!

Xander loves to paint

Since being at Kindy all Xander wants to do it paint.
So out came the paints over the weekend and we got right to it!
Poor thing isn't feeling too well today, has a nasty cough so no kindy. I hate it when the kids are sick - feel so helpless!


Thought we should update you on our little lady's progress.
She is sitting by herself, i put a cushion behind her just in case!, she has cut her first tooth - although it is doing quite a bit of moving and pops up and day alot.
She still sleeps through the night and to combat her cat naps i now wrap her during the day and she is sleeping much longer and is even happier!
Esmee has discovered she likes to bang things, no matter what is in her hand - even a cracker! - so i got out the xylophone and she loved it!

She adores Xander and loves it when he shows her toys and plays with her.

She loves going to mainly music and has lots to say and even tries to sing with the music too!