Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a Pirate Party!

Ahoy there me hearties! We went to a joint Pirate Birthday party for three boys from Playgroup who turned 3. Held at the YMCA the kids got to run around, climb, jump and eat to their hearts content!I had forgotten to get a costume for Xander but he didn't care. Esmee sat looking pretty with the other babies - though you could see she really wanted to join in with the bigger kids.

Xander didn't eat too much, seeing as the party was at our usual nap time i wasn't too surprised, but Esmee enjoyed the mini sausage!
There was room for cake though (well the icing anyway) and what a cake it was!

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Anonymous said...

The kids sure looked like they were enjoying themselves. It was a marvelous cake. Xander was probably tired and did not want to eat. Esmee looked very pretty.